Thoughts on the WordPress Community

 I’m discovering more and more niftiness about this little community.  I also discovered that you all helped this site make the top 10 “fastest growing blogs” list for a few hours the other day.  How cool is that? 


WordPress is a smaller entity than what you all are used to on Blogger.  But it still boasts a membership of over 250,000 which isn’t too shabby.  Being this size, amazing things can and do happen occasionally.  On one of my other blogs running on WP, I wrote a short entry kind of panning a book I had read excerpts from.  Lo and behold, the author’s publisher left a comment and then emailed me, offering to send me a free, autographed copy of the book!  How cool is that?  Then I had someone who was apparently an aid for senator Kennedy offer to discuss some policy things with me after reading my blog.  Is that wild, or what?  I declined both offers, because I like being anonymous.  It’s cool being famous but I cannot do what I do comfortably under too much searing scrutiny.  It’s a blessing and a curse.


If you look off to the right, you will see categories in the sidebar.  This is not new, as I’ve seen these things in Blogger, too.  If you want to read posts about chastity, you simply click that category.  Cool.  But there’s more.  If you click the category name at the bottom of the post (for instance, “chastity”), you can see all WordPress articles using that category; not just mine, but other authors as well.  I wonder if that Catholic writer has done that…


Doing this has lead me to some other cool blogs and sites.  My WP blogroll is more extravagant than the exclusive club I have on Blogger.  If I’m looking at a WP blog that I like and I’m logged in, I can simply click “add to blogroll” and it is a done deal!  If I visit the site later and I see the author has dissed and offended me, I can click the “remove from blogroll” button.  Can’t get much simpler than that.


WP has recently enabled custom headers, which I haven’t gotten around to playing with, yet.  I’m just not as adept at doing that sort of graphic work, like Artful Dodger.  I might get to it eventually.


The more I use WP, the more I like it.  There are still a few little things to be desired, like the ability to put in polls and use stat counters in the free hosting version.  But this thing is still friendly and robust.  It comes with its own stat function which is adequate, but some people will want a lot more.  I would definitely recommend this for Blogger people looking to start a second blog or those who are brand new to blogging and thinking about it. 



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