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Okay, so anyone who is following along can see that the two R&R Blogs are similar, but are not exactly the same.  Sometimes they are, but I'm putting more original content here. 


FTN asked how I liked WordPress.  I've actually been using it for a different sort of blog since January and it has served me very well.  If you look over at my side bar, you can see just a very basic set up.  There are a few other options for organizing things, but what you're seeing is a basic default.  WordPress includes as a basic package what Blogger includes as extras.  For instance, you might notice that I have categories for various posts.  When setting up categories, WordPress has its own categories or you can make your own.  If I set up a "blogging" category, and click on the category link you can read all of my other posts about blogging.  But you can also read what others are writing about blogging.  So setting up various tags can help others search for specific entries.  Try the "chastity" category and see where it takes you!


In this way, WordPress has become quite a cozy little community with people borrowing various tags and categories.  Trackbacking is used more extensively in the WordPress universe.  If another WordPress user links to a post of mine, I'm going to know it right away as it shows up and is treated as a comment on my own blog.  WordPress comes with its own statistical suite for keeping track of traffic.  Again, you'll know if someone is linking to you as you see referring pages, referring search terms and popular posts.  It's not as extensive as the stat counter most use with Blogger but it is a nice basic feature that most will appreciate.


WordPress is a newbie's dream, offering sophisticated tools with a very easy interface.  It has a very clean' fresh and friendly look and feel to it.  For those of us who are not enamored with HTML or any other coding, it is just the thing.  Editing the blogroll, posts and categories is an intuitive snap.  The price for all this friendly convenience is not being able to add things like polls, new templates and buttons on your own.  But if you are really into advanced tweaking, you might want to join the WordPress development team in improving it.


I'm unsure of Blogger's status as an open source application due to its association with Google.  However, WordPress has no such association to muddy the waters.


The primary reason I availed myself of WordPress for R&R was because I wanted to backup my blog.  Being the noobie knob that I am, I have no idea how to back stuff up off of Blogger.  However, WordPress has this nifty importer that allowed the transfer of my entire Blogger account, including comments, over to WordPress.  And it worked very nicely.  Archiving things from here won't be so easy, as I know of no exporter utility.  WordPress suggests using RSS to back up posts and comments.  And that is one way of doing it.  In fact, for most of you on my blogroll  as well as several others I read, I do have many of your posts archived on my own machine.  If disaster strikes, check with me and I might be able to help you partially restore your content.


I highly recommend WordPress as a primary blogging address, especially for newer folks.  I also highly recommend it as a back-up option for those who so highly value their blogger posts and comments.  As for those contemplating a switch from Blogger, I recommend doing what it is that I'm doing.  Try running both side-by-side for awhile.  There are reasons to hold on to that Blogger account.


One is just the history, which for many runs over a period of years.  Not everyone is going to be keen to resetting their links, blogrolls and favorites lists.  Another reason is just the way Blogger works, and its dominance among bloggers.  One reason Ive struggled with how to handle comments is that WordPress users can not comment on Blogger blogs that won't accept anonymous comments.  Moderation is one way of working around this, but it has its own drawbacks.  WordPress has similar issues when it comes to dealing with comments, however it is easier dealing with those in large batches.  And both outfits have had to work around spamming and spammers, unfortunately.  I suspect I'll have to learn how to deal with that more as traffic increases.  However, barriers still exist as far as WordPress users interacting with Blogger users.


One more note about WordPress; if you have your own domain, you can downlaod the software and then have all of the bells, whistles and buttons that the free site doesn't offer.  It's still an evolving place and is getting better all the time.




2 Responses to Thoughts on WordPress

  1. Alice says:

    Hey digger,
    I have been reading your blog for about six months now, but I rarely comment as you have enough fans to entertain and challenge you. I had the same problem with blogger but unfortunately discovered easyjournal before wordpress. I kept them concurrently posting the more personal posts at easyjournal until it became impossible for me to update blogger. But I wish I had originally used wordpress. I am actually thinking of starting a third anonymous blog. My little following no longer allows any sort of anonymity and I find myself ridiculously apologizing to oversensitve friends anytime I write anything. It’s obnoxious and the whole cathartic feel of blogging is lost. Nowadays I feel like an entertaining monkey. But I still enjoy your stuff. I think you have a pretty good handle on things and will figure it out.

  2. Digger Jones says:

    Thanks for stopping by, Alice!

    Wow…you really *are* a delectable Redhead!LOL!

    I highly recommend WordPress, and if you have a tendancy to spew out stuff nonstop upon the keyboard like I do, keeping yet another anonymous blog might not be as difficult as it should be. But then, I don’t really have too much of a life apart from this Walter Mitty-like existence.


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