Simmer Down

 Of course blogger is being the shit, so I'll just post this here.  This was originallt supposed to be in the comments section (see link below) of my blogger site.


One thing about our poor-ness is Arwyn and I both have a keen understanding that divorce is not even a tenable option at this point.


We are in a stalemate, relationship-wise.  Counseling may move things along, one way or another, but I'm not going to impoverish my family for it.  True, divorce is a leading cause of impoverishment, but we're not going there, either.


All that stuff bccc mentioned in the comments?  We have none of it.  Well, antennae basic cable for $12.95/month, which the cable guy mistakenly gave us the full upgrade.  But there is no panic, here.  While I do piss and moan about stuff, it is still not the crisis y'all want to make it. 


Nothing like a funeral to sort of drive that home.


No, obvious, sometimes people seem to do stuff for no rhyme or reason. And much of this blog has been spent trying to noodle that out and deal with it.


But I do intend to do the counseling with or without her. 



3 Responses to Simmer Down

  1. Satan says:

    Digger, divorce doesn’t even come to mind when I think of your situation. I don’t think you’re anywhere close to even attempting that.
    You don’t *have* to change anything either. You *can* do nothing. You say it’s relatively peaceful and it’s how you’ve been living for a long time now.
    You’ve been given great advice. I’d love to have the opportunity to read about your counseling session.

  2. diggerjones says:

    And you just may, Satan. Yeah, this has dragged on for a long time, but that’s just sort of the way this soap opera has been going.


  3. Fade To Numb says:

    Let us know what you think of WordPress after awhile. How much work has it been to transfer everything over?

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