The Date

Saturday night, we had a date. A real hire-the-babysitter date. We were supposed to get together with 3 other couples but they all bailed. So we decided to go it alone. We went to The Outback and shared a bloomin onion.

But I was not feeling it. For one thing, I was coming down with some sort of sinus bug. So I wasn't feeling the energy to get into a major discussion. Arwyn noted that I wasn't too talkative, but didn't offer up a lot. We did talk about kids and stuff. But no hitting on any hot issues. We walked around to the mall until it closed, spending most of the time at the bookstore.

No sex, either, needless to say. We held hands and hugged and kissed once. But neither of us was feeling it. By the time I got the babysitter home and got back, it was well after 11 and me getting sick, I was just tired. But I'm also thinking some extra endorphins wouldn't hurt in my recovery. The lack thereof has left me more vulnerable to the sort of chronic illness that Arwyn is prone to.

Add to my therapy objective list: Deal with rejection more productively and buffer against depression. The whole crash n' burn thing takes its toll.

I'm thinking that I would like one of those massages like DH got last week.


5 Responses to The Date

  1. At least you got out of the house alone together. Might not be much but it is something. Hope you feeling better soon.

  2. Anonymous says:

    At some point “feeling it” becomes a choice.

  3. Denise Regan says:

    Didn’t you get sick last time you were in the cage for an extended period….the prostate infection?

    Take a four-inch piece of ginger, slice it into quarter-size slices (keep the skin on), add it to a quart of water with a cinnamon stick, and boil. After boiling, remove the pot from the heat and let it sit for an hour, then drink it all. It will be spicy, and no, you may not use milk.

    Drink this tea before going to bed and that sinus bug will be killed and your fever, if you have one, will be gone.

  4. Cinnamon says:

    Sorry you’re sick hun.

    What a waste of a good Blooming Onion!

    (You so knew I’d say that)

  5. Digger Jones says:

    Thanks, confused. Maybe we can get out more, and it won’t seem so awkward!

    Yeah, anon10:36, you’re right. But I hadn’t the energy to force it at the time. I’m just tired.

    Thanks for the recipe, Denise. I’m close to yours with my own brew of peppermint+jalapenos = one dead bug. It took 2 days, due to my cheating by getting into the ice cream!


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