Well, that was fun! We will do this again, sometime. The cage does bite a bit into my sack and so some healing is in order, too. I'll be ready to go again shortly.

Chastity cage, butt plug, using my body as an amusement park…all of these have been sexually exciting but fall short of real intimacy. They are substitutes with little substance. So I need to do some mental work to get my mind in the proper place for this new sexuality to take hold.

Thanks (again) to everyone who participated by commenting and voting. I'd score this a successful initial outing. Hopefully, you all had some fun with it. I think we've taken something strange and bizarre to a strange and bizarre new level! There are not many chastity blogs out there, and to my knowledge this is the first time a readership has had as much input as you all have had. There was some concern about having a vote and then turning around and having another one. Basically, once I start the voting, I do intend on keeping an active poll up most of the time, even though it might be 3 or so days in advance of a potential release date. Or maybe I could have a vote on a vote, although that kind of makes things more complex than they have to be. I'm always up for suggestions for improvements.

Now for the release release:

While I didn't activate the Timelock this time, I did have the combination stored in a file from a couple of months back. I retrieved this and then got out one key. Bonehead that I am, I didn't put it back before closing the keysafe so it is still out. I'll need to return it before I go back in.

Once I unlocked the lock, there was some difficulty removing the padlock from the locking post. It was in there tight, and my impending erection was making it even tighter! I finally got the thing out and was able to remove the cage. Aaaahhhhh! I was finally able to fully stretch out and that felt good. I took off my A-ring, and noticed my tape job was disintegrating. With the cuff style ring, I use water proof tape to keep the metal hinge from digging into me. They've made some improvements to the rings since I bought these, but I have yet to upgrade.

Shower time was the right time.

And I think I might spare you all the remainder of the graphic play by play for the sake of modesty.

Now I have something else on my mind that deserves a post of its own.


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