Synergy’s Poem and Other Tasks

Synergy gave me an interesting task to earn her vote for freedom. It was to decipher the poem on her HNT . Tough reading the calligraphy but it goes something like this:

Young lover’s wisely say

“Let’s try it from this angle.

Maybe something marvelous will happen

Maybe three suns and two moons will roll out

From a hiding place in the body, our passion has yet to ignite.”

Old lovers say “We can do it one more time

How about from this longitude and latitude

Swinging from a rope tied to the ceiling.

Maybe a part of God is still hiding

In a corner of your heart

Our devotion has yet to reveal.”

Bottom line:

Do not stop playing these beautiful love games.



Cinnamon simlarly tasked me with something, which might interest others.

Try this site to look for a marriage counselor in your area. Not that there's anything wrong with it, but all the ones in my area (within 50 miles) are females. I'm okay with that, but I would at least like to have the option of having a guy counselor if I wanted, you know?

Oh, and then there's Satan, who told me not to touch, look or kiss my wife while she's undressed. Eh? Like she wants me to be chaste or something?!?

Fortunately, Arwyn makes that one hidiously easy. Now y'all have some idea of how Satan got her name!LOL!

I suppose since Thursday is long since past, it's time to set up another poll.

What say you?


8 Responses to Synergy’s Poem and Other Tasks

  1. JeN says:

    I voted.
    You can probably guess what my vote was.
    I’m evil.

  2. Well Digger I must admit that you have much better eyes than I do. I couldn’t make out any of it. But I wasn’t in a position where I absolutely had to decipher it either. I was paying more attention to the pic than the words. 😀

    So just for that I will grant you a release vote. Us guys need to stick together.

  3. Synergy says:

    A week is not nearly long enough. I vote no. And who said that task was for release? I was a spanking for being so presumptuous that you could just talk us into letting you out on your whim and for trying to cheat us out of a day.

  4. Rob says:

    Ahemmm… Thursday is passed, that’s true but to ask for another new vote then one day later on Friday? I doubt that Satan especially would go for that (evil grin)

  5. How is being caged harder than just being celibate?

    Serious question. People can go longer than a week without sex or masturbation, yes? What does the cage add to that that would make going longer than a week more difficult than just being orgasm-free for that long?

    On your listserves for this sort of thing, are there any recordholders for Longest Time in Cage?

  6. Satan says:

    Um, I can’t go a week without masturbating (or having sex) unless I was somehow ‘locked up’. 😉
    It’s more about someone else’s will making you ‘chaste’ rather than just deciding that you’re not going to wank this week – the element of control and whatnot.
    I completely see what draws Digger to the cage, but I think if you need it explained to you . . then you’re just not interested in that sort of thing and it will probably never get you going.

    Rob, I think I’m willing to let Digger out on Sunday if he’s very good. We can’t keep him locked up forever . . .right??

  7. Amanda says:

    Personally I still think he’s a bit on the cheeky side. But that is just me – I vote no.

  8. Cinnamon says:

    You do have the option of a guy counsellor. Go to the YELLOW PAGES. Look under Family Therapy. There are plenty of men in practice.

    I checked the link you put up. Quit using the “Christian” angle to avoid the problem. If your counsellor’s name ends with “-stein” or “-burg” it’s not going to be a crime against Jesus. You want someone who is a licensed psychologist. A board-certified professional. As long as your religious beleifs are heatlhy and good for you, you need have no fear of them “interfereing” with them.

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