It’s not even close, is it?

Okay! Alright! I get the picture!

Like FTN, I sort of wondered how people would react to this new and novel thing. Would it fair to characterize it as sort of enthusiastic? An enthusiastic "NO" more like! And even if I commented on my own, it would definitely not help my case enough.

Okay, folks. You have spoken. A few of you have suggested I DO something in order to earn my freedom. Okay, I'm open to any proposals.

I do have another option of an honest release, and that would be if Arwyn got in the mood. The way it's looking, I might be caged for quite some time! While there's some general affection, it hasn't gotten too intense. I need to make more of an effort, there.

My record for days locked up is about 15, I think. A week is pretty tough. 10 days feels like a marathon. After a full 2 weeks, I remember feeling a bit spent even before my orgasm. Being locked up is energizing in one way, but in the economy of energy, there is no such thing as a free lunch. It takes a few days to recover, especially from a long period in lock-up. Since I locked up on Friday morning, Thursday would be just about a week in the cage. A long time since it has been a few months since we had any cage play at all.

This morning, I came in the bathroom just as Arwyn was combing her hair. Naked. Of course, she threw her panties on with light speed, but I managed a hug and a kiss before she got her bra on. Then she grabbed the rest of her clothes and scurried off. Not a hopeful sign for that avenue of release. So I got the Aneros and took a shower, working the cage and the Aneros at the same time. So close, yet so far. Maybe I'll sleep with it in tonight.

The voting exercise definitely took things up a notch. My cock is feeling a lot more sensitive due to not being touched at all, save for the squeeze of its tube-like prison. And those squeezes are happening more often. I'm going through that stage where I'm waking up in the middle of the night 3 or more times, now. I can feel that elevated buzzing in my brain as I get deeper into subspace.

So go easy with the HNT's, alright? A body can only handle so much!


14 Responses to It’s not even close, is it?

  1. Cinnamon says:

    “Since I locked up on Friday morning, Thursday would be just about a week in the cage.”

    Uh, no.

    FRIDAY MORNING would be a week.

    Already trying to game the system,… tsk, tsk, tsk.

    How shall we punish him, fellow voters?

  2. My HNT is boobies.


    Er…not really.


  3. JeN says:

    so this week will be the one for extra slutty HNTs?

    (D, you’re lucky I’m bleeding this week)

  4. Synergy says:

    Oh but that’s part of the fun of the cage is it not, Dig… the tease… the torture… the tantalization. I suppose I will have to find a juicy picture to post. Not of myself of course… but something similar. Hmmm… and Cinnamon is right… you are already trying to cheat us out of our dominance… I say he needs a cyber-spanking. But I don’t know how we would go about that.

  5. C-Marie says:

    I’ll second what synergy said! Heeheehee……

  6. Digger Jones says:

    Oh, come on, Cinnamon! I said “Just about…” In case you haven’t noticed, I did add you to my beloved blogroll. Surely that somewhat atones for my transgression? Same goes for Always Aroused Girl, Jen and Synergy.

    I’m still counting votes, BTW, just to see how bad the slaughter can get.

    AAG, my fav HNT is “On the Bed.” I’m steering clear for the duration.

    Jen, it’s about time young Joseph earns his red wings. I’d be more than happy to demonstrate but I’m a bit…er…detained.

    Geez, Synergy! You seem to be taking to this dominance stuff like a duck to water!

    No fair, C-Marie, taking your frustrations out on me! I would sure like to take mine out on you, tho!


  7. Summer Rose says:

    Okay,heres one from last week serouisly. Take a look at what I’ve got posted from last weeks hnt….Sorry I’ve been busy working and taking care of the household chores haven’t had the time to post.

  8. Leela Lamore says:

    Digger you really are a squirmy worm aren’t you. Not to worry my HNT is very safe, so safe I have barely had any comments *sigh*

    Hmmm on the things to do why don’t you come up with a list of things you are willing to do and we can vote on that if you do it to our satisfaction we are willing to release you after 10 days, if not we push it to 14 days … what does every one else think?

  9. Cinnamon says:

    Well, well, well, we’ve been blogrolled?! My, you ARE a kinder, gentler Digger when you’ve got the cage on. I am appeased by the sucking up. Well done.

    I think we can all aim for Sunday to let him out, give him a day of rest, what say you, ladies?
    Or will that cause a religious problem, using your body like an amusement park on the Sabbath?

    I like Leela’s idea of a To Do list. (Geez, it’s like the Honey Do list you’d give a husband, only in a really perverted kinda way. hehehe.)

    Ok, then, my suggestion for an “item” on the list would be…. hmmm… something to benefit and help Digger’s marriage…something not too hard…

    Digger, you have to pickup the phone book, turn to the section with marriage therapists/counsllors, and type up a list of at least 5 names and phone numbers in your area. You don’t have to call any of them, just save it as a document, so that you have it. The journey of 1,000 miles begins with a baby step.

    (He’s gonna hate me for this)

    But thanks for blogrolling me! It’s the only “rolling” I’m getting these days 😉

  10. Synergy says:

    Very good cyber spank Cinnamon. And Digger I am thoroughly unimpressed by the blog-rolling. You blog rolled me because I am just that good. No doubt about it. Find some other way to lick the crap off of my boot heel please. :oP

    Interesting to note: Word verification this morning… ssoeex… Maybe it’s a sign.

  11. Synergy says:

    P.S. My cyber spank is you must go look at my HNT picture and decipher the poem contained within.

  12. Satan says:

    I will agree with Cinnamon to let you out Sunday, if you DON’T try to catch a glimpse of Arwyn naked until then or try to touch or kiss her at all while she’s in any form of undress.

    Yes, that’s right. My cyber-spank is for you to give your wife *even more* space now that you’re locked up. Hands off, bad boy!

  13. Digger all I can say here is that I’m glad I’m not you right now. The ladies just arent’t giving you the love you need. Your not getting at home or on the net.
    I must sy that Synergy was a little harsh on her last comment here. I think your right. She’s taking this dominance stuff very seriously.
    Good luck to you!

  14. […] If you’ll recall, when last I locked up, I ran a poll which basically determined whether or not I could get out. This was quite fun and entertaining and I’ve been trying to think of a way to top it. To make it a bit more secure. The whole entirety of the enforced chastity experience eventually comes down to some degree of honor and trust. There are very few escape-proof options for chastity, and it has been somewhat like the seearch for the holy grail to develop something that balances security, economy and comfort. The CB3000 balances 2 of the 3, with relative comfort and relative economy but security isn’t at the top level. The real deal, the steel belts such as Neosteel are much more secure, sacrifice a bit of comfort, but cost over $1000 and still could be defeated with the proper tools. […]

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