Dear Keyholders

Well, after a few days of voting, I have about 26 folks saying they would be willing to participate in a sort of corporate keyholding venture. My goal was 50, but apparently that might have been a bit ambitious considering past attempts to get my readership to participate. That doesn't mean that number can't increase if the word ever gets out about this little venture. I haven't exactly been peddling the idea too extensively.

So, before we engage in this earnestly, I do have a couple of conditions, just so you know. These are conditions that would apply even with a real life keyholder, so I'm not treating you any different.

– Firstly, Arwyn always has the final say. IOW, if she expresses an interest in me being out for some pleasure, I'm out. No discussion with any other keyholders. Even if I have to get the bolt cutters.

– Any illness or emergency can trigger automatic release. If I have to fly somewhere for a funeral or something, forgive me for not being willing to be hauled off by security! I'll let you know after the fact.

Both of these are just unforeseen circumstances. Since Arwyn has been sick and we are on the verge of allergy season, I do not expect any demands out of her. But being locked up has triggered her in the past.

I'm thinking of setting the criteria at a super majority vote. When I put the poll up for release, if I get 67% over a 24 hour period then I'm out. I may adjust that up or down after the first release, depending on how things go. Or I may let the poll go longer, depending on how things go. I'd like to set a voting minimum, as in 20 votes to make quorum but turnout needs to be more for me to do that.

I'm open for input on this. After all, it was reader input that provided the idea in the first place. Keyholder guidance is always welcome!

I'm not putting a new poll up for a few days. Under the best of circumstances, I can begin settling into subspace after about 3 days and then for the next few days things get interesting.

Yesterday morning, after I got out of the shower, I lubed up and slipped on the CB3000 and locked it. No problems or issues other than waking up a couple times last night. I restocked our toilet paper supply, since we do tend to go through it faster when I'm caged. Sitting to pee is a major bother!

So congratulations, folks! You are now co-owners of one locked up cock!

So if any of my co-owners would care to introduce themselves, I'd be happy to know who it is that I'm going to be kissing up to!


7 Responses to Dear Keyholders

  1. Satan says:

    This is so fun.

    However, since you asked for a bit of feedback . . I don’t think an anonymous poll is the way to go. I think each of us should have to get off our lazy asses and cast a vote ‘in person’. FWIW, I was able to vote twice in that first poll. So it’s not even totally accurate.

    I think it would be more interesting if we all had to be more public about our vote – not only would it feel more up close and personal (*smile*) but it would also be telling to see who, exactly, is up for letting you out and why/why not.

    Just my two cents on audience participation and accountability.

  2. Digger Jones says:

    Well, I could do both. Certainly, the anonymous poll makes it easy, and I’m all for that. However having a measure of interactivity is what makes this appealing. For instance if you come with some idea and others go with it i.e. “We’ll vote to let you out if…” then this would become part of it. If I posted a poll today to be let out and didn’t get many votes, y’all can say “Not long enough.” Or whatever. The comments go hand-in-hand with the anonymous voting.

    I have no doubt that those who are into it will make their voices known and heard!


  3. Rob says:

    Yes, I agree – voting could be carried out by known / unknown voters, except – just exactly how is this voting to be performed? If it is to be done via comments posted here then obviously you will know who all are voting since your blog does not allow anonymous comments. Or am I missing something here?

  4. This should be interesting having a key to things can be so much fun especially a cock lol I must say I do agree with the public vote

  5. JeN says:

    You know I’m in!
    mwa ha ha ha ha

  6. Leela Lamore says:

    Did you have any doubt?

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