Ideas: Novel and … not so much

Hmmm. This idea Satan had has some merit. The idea being that I simply poll my readership whether or not I should be released. That way, it becomes sort of a collective decision.

Maybe I should start a preliminary poll, just to see how many people would be willing to vote. The initial comments seem to indicate some mild interest. Still, my efforts at soliciting audience participation have been met with enthusiasm that is best described as anemic. But this is definitely an idea worth considering. I can do a fair stretch with a cage at all and much longer with it, even if I have fairly ready access to the keys. Compliance will always be an issue, but if I cheat, I only cheat myself. The reading/voting public would be justified in throwing the figurative keys back in my face and buggering off.

Okay, I will consider it and investigate the whole blog polling business. I invite any tips and tricks people might share on setting one up.

FTN made a comment where he proposed bargaining with Arwyn to get her to be my keyholder. BTDT. More than once. We have had a number of surprisingly candid conversations on the subject of the cage. She does not feel comfortable with the responsibility…AT ALL. It becomes just another chore, another responsibility, another duty, another demand. This, despite the fact that by practicing chastity, she could have ANYTHING she wanted. I do more housework, do more favors, do more chores, spend more money on her, I am less snarky and more loving while caged. She could have whatever she wanted. Anything. But the weight of it is too heavy for her. She has tried several times and gives up every time. She likes me better when I'm caged, but she doesn't want to bother with the keys. Even some of you have remarked that I write differently while caged. Whether my writing is better or not, remains to be seen.

Bargaining and begging her, even in the seemingly mild and loving language put forth by FTN amounts to more pressure. Which still looks like coercion. And I'm at a point where I'll not have anything more to do with that.

With someone else holding the keys, she reaps benefits without the burden. Without the responsibility. My sexuality is a responsibility she simply wants to have little or nothing to do with. Rightness, fairness, and equality are all constructs that might induce guilt, but not desire. A male version of this dynamic comes to me that I'll see if I can get up on my other blog.

So the polling idea may be a sort of compromise on that score. I'm not having any sort of affair with anyone, but I'm still getting a bit fun with sex. Or fun with NOT having sex as the case may be.


6 Responses to Ideas: Novel and … not so much

  1. Synergy says:

    I think an individual key holder, even a virtual one could spell trouble, but with a poll, I think it would still keep your focus on building your relationship with your wifewhile still giving you the motivation to do so. As I’ve said I’ve toyed with the idea of taking up your keyholder offer, but it’s simply too personal a thing for me to feel comfortable with. However I have no idea voting yes or no on a poll.

    It’s a community thing… and the mob rules… mwahahahahahahaha!

  2. Synergy says:

    I meant I have no problem voting yes or no… sheesh… where’s my head today?!

    *interesting word verification: zliknit* i might use that for something.

  3. Amanda says:

    “…despite the fact that by practicing chastity,…. I do more housework, do more favors, do more chores, spend more money on her, I am less snarky and more loving while caged. She could have whatever she wanted. Anything.”

    Just a question – why treat your wife better when caged – shouldn’t you do that all the time?

  4. Digger Jones says:

    You can cast your first vote, Synergy, by scrolling down that side bar!

    Yes, yes, Amanda, I should probably treat my wife like her royal highness without having my balls trapped in a cage. But when I’m allowed to be a self-indulgent pig, I tend to act that way more. Caged life is different than uncaged life. I’ll see if I can better articulate in the days to come as to why I’m less of a condescending prick when ascending into subspace.


  5. FTN says:

    Okay, so I wasn’t quite aware to the extent that you had already communicated honestly with Arwyn about what this means to you. Sorry. I guess I was just thinking that since you’ve mentioned you are both “avoiders,” that perhaps you hadn’t really had a good talk about how important this is to you.

    In my mind, it was going to work brilliantly, by the way.

  6. Is her reluctance to hold the key in part because she sees this not as a *process* but as a “progress towards goal?”

    IOW, she sees the cage as “something he does to try to get laid” and then the “expectations” thing kicks in (as FTN and Wife have discussed). That might lead to the “He’s only nicer when caged because he’s trying to get some.”–>

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