My Amusement Park Ride



Okay, I think I'll drop the whole "rapist" line of thinking for now. I started that last post with nothing to write, so I thought I would dig deep and see what came out. And that's what you all got stuck with. And I, in turn, got stuck with massive and overwhelming calls for therapy. Fair enough.

I will share one reason why I'm resistant to the therapy idea and that relates to my kinky side. I'm jonesing for some cage time, but that's not possible for the next couple of weeks as I'm on call for jury duty. Revealing this to a therapist ranks only slightly behind being outted by courthouse security in embarrassment. It's my secret and I'd like to keep it that way for a bit. Other than all you invisible internet friends, of course! I suppose I could circumvent the subject with a therapist but that sort of defeats the purpose of paying someone to examine my head. It's like getting a prostate exam without taking off your pants, you know?

So last night, I used my body like an amusement park. Arwyn was fiddling with the computer long into the night, which is odd since she has been an American Idol junkie forever. In my mind, I had hatched a bit of a plan. Namely, I was going to see if I could get her to stroke me while watching her favorite show and tell her to go slow enough that I wouldn't come until the last act. Maybe an hour of stroking was asking a lot, but being on the edge for a long time has a lot of appeal for me. The best handjobs she's ever given me have actually been when she's gotten me close and to the edge and then fallen asleep! I would then calm down while she is still holding me, but being still. Then I'd put a hand on her breast or down her shorts and she would wake up and resume until I either finished or she fell asleep again. It matches tease and denial in form if not intent.

So last night, while she was on the computer, I inserted the Aneros and lubed up a bit and went to work. Like a roller coaster…uuuuup…dooowwwn…uuup…went my arousal and hardness. Only I opted for women's figure skating instead of American Idol. I was able to keep this up (and down) intermittently throughout all the short programs and then finally cut loose during Sasha's performance. The girl is quite flexible, isn't she?;-)

This morning, Arwyn and I were watching the news when they announced the results of the competition.

"Shoot! We missed it!" She exclaimed her disappointment. I didn't say anything. Women's figure skating is a guilty pleasure of mine. I know, guys somehow get the idea that they are not supposed to like it. Granted, I don't believe it is a sport in the true sense of the word, due to the subjective nature of judge's scoring. But you have these small, athletic young women skating, jumping and spinning in their underwear. What's not to like?


12 Responses to My Amusement Park Ride

  1. Synergy says:

    I doubt that a therapist would be in the least bit shocked over your cage kink. There are some very odd people in the world.

  2. ArtfulDodger says:

    Dig, never surprised anymore by what I might read next when I stop over. At least it was women’s figure skating and not Luge or something. 🙂

  3. Wow. I hope Sasha Cohen doesn’t have technorati on her site, then check out who is linking to her, then come over here, and see you big old perv spooging while she skated. 😀 (Just kidding you…)

    I’ve mentioned caging to both my head doctor and our “joint” counselor. Neither batted an eye.

    However, when I suggested it to the husband, as a way to … er … encourage him to bring his horniness to me, he flipped out.

    Bad move on my part.

    Any therapist worth anything will not judge you in the least for your kink.

  4. aphron says:

    Ditto the above. Therapists have probably heard it all before.

    Um…I enjoy women’s figure skating. Oh yeah…flexibile women.

  5. Digger Jones says:

    Okay, yeah, I expect therapists have heard it all. I mean, when you deal with the mentally ill you are bound to hear all manner of craziness. and even if something *does* get to the therapist, he’s going to keep the game face on…until you leave at least. Or the therapist might do what I did once, and excuse myself for a moment, go to the bathroom and PUKE! Laughing hysterically or puking in front of clients is generally considered unprofessional.

    Y’know, dodger, I always wondered why they don’t have co-ed luge.

    Yeah, AAG, at least I didn’t link to the 16 year-old and have the authorities knocking on my door. But yeah, the image of a big old perv like me, having a happy moment during Sasha’s performance might not help her gold medal contention.

    It would be cool if she commented, tho. Even if it was to call me a pervert.


  6. FTN says:

    Is Sasha Cohen 16? I flipped by NBC at the end of the competition (haven’t really watched much of the Olympics at all, and my Wife DOES insist on watching American Idol) and I thought she looked like she was about 12. Well, maybe younger than that… some 12-year olds have breasts already.

    Just once, it would be entertaining to see a voluptious, curvy, full-breasted woman in the figure skating competition. Except that all of the other skaters would probably call her “Mom.”

    Sorry, I got sidetracked. I agree about the therapist thing — none of them are going to be bothered or laugh about it. And some of the response might depend on what kind of therapist you see — marriage counselor, sex therapist, counselor at a church, whatever.

  7. Synergy says:

    Hmmm… and you’ve never thought a similar reaction might happen here? It’s just life, Dig. There will always be people who can not, or choose not to understand. Generally they are close minded individuals that do not recognize the strangeness that is often contained in their own personalities.

    Do you just have a fear of counseling? Are you afraid it will fail, or are you afriad it might work? Hmmmm…

  8. Digger Jones says:

    Sasha is 21, believe it or not, FTN. I was referring to the youngest of the bunch who is 16. Does she have a site?

    Y’know Synergy, your snarkiness has an amazingly eerie familiarity to it! Showing my ass here is entirely different from doing it in person. Otherwise, why would people take their blog down all the sudden?

    I’ve done the counselling bit before. So have you, and what’s it done? We’re both as batshit crazy as ever. We just have more insight about it.



  9. Summer Rose says:

    Okay so I’m with the other half that responded to this about therapy is it because it’s not
    someone you don’t see on a regular basis. And that prompts most of us to just want to run for the nearest door screaming. Or when your done your thinking what the hell was that all about. 🙂

  10. I’m sure that therapists are prepared to handle anything that a patient can through at them. Even the cage.

    I so think you are right about a commentor. She does sound like a person I remember commenting on your blog a while ago that always had something to make you think. It’ll be nice to have her comments back again if I’m right.

  11. Leela Lamore says:

    Yeah and I am still on the side of finding an understanding and loving partner who will accept you for everything you are and love you. Be willing to have sex with you and indulge what ever kinks you feel like, cuz then darling you wouldn’t even want to blog about anything but orgasms!

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