One more thing..

I'm becoming more and more annoyed with Blogger. Last night, I could not even read any other blogger sites let alone work on mine. However, I noticed WordPress was working fine and dandy. They even have a fancy import tool to make the move easier. Blogger has a nifty add-on for M$ Word, but up until that came out, I had no problems just cutting and pasting. Now, Blogger takes some tinkering to get it to work. I suppose I could use the add-on but why bother if I'm going to make a move, anyway?

I'll stick around for another month or so, and keep fiddling with WordPress. The only downside is the absence of the "Next Blog" button for mindless blog surfing.


Update: They DO have a "Next Blog" butto, but you might have to be logged in to use it.

5 Responses to One more thing..

  1. Summer Rose says:

    I Hope this doesn’t mean your gonna stop writing all together. You have a lot of good points in the situation that your in.
    I’m not sure how to even word the situation you are in.

    And since I’m a pretty big on the other blog of yours Unsolicited advice. I would hate to see you leave, after getting my first comment from you.

    Blessings in every thing you do

  2. Mia says:

    Hey babe – just wanted to vouch for wordpress. Up until last summer, I was a big supporter of Blogger, but my blog was down roughly 10 times inside a month. I switched to wordpress and I’ve never had a problem with it since then. I totally recommend it.

  3. C-Marie says:

    Don’t throw in the towel D!! I couldn’t get into any of my stuff either….

  4. Digger Jones says:

    Glad to hear it, Mia! No, Summer and Marie, I’m considering a *move*, not quitting or anything so radical. If or when that day happens, I’ll be postng the URL here so y’all can just jump over there. The nifty thing about the WordPress migration tool, or so I’ve been told, is that it moves *everything* including comments. Aint’t that cool? I’m still trying it out, though. I notice Google doesn’t like to bring up WordPress blogs on searches.


  5. claire says:

    We use WordPress for our family blog and it’s great. It takes a bit to get used to, but it’s both user friendly and tweakable.

    Nice. Just made up a word: tweakable.

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