The End of the Blog



Wow! I'm pretty impressed with what folks are doing with the "Reality" meme! I had no idea. Really.

Okay, my 5 are not nearly as exciting or entertaining as others. Not even close. But I'll do my best…

5 annoying habits I have/could learn to live with.

1.) Farting. Arwyn is kind of a fart machine around the house. While is ceased to be cute around 7 years ago, I'm okay with it. She fits in with the whole Jones family that way.

2.) Talking on and on without ever getting to the intended point. You know how it goes when someone is talking about being robbed in NYC and…you ever been to NY? People talk funny there…anyway, about being robbed…they have the tastiest bagels in NY. You think Gulliani will run for president? I'm actually hoping Condi will run, because I think she's cute. Not hard to be cuter than Hillary, although I thought she was sort of cute during Bill's first run. Bill doesn't inhale, he just sucks! Um..what was the question?

3.) Grass seed for my birthday. Yep, that one is a true. Sex would have compensated for that horrible gaffe. Or at least some electronic gadget. Or even a new waffle maker.

4.) Hypochondria – I wonder; do they have a pill for that?

5.) Chronic lateness and slowness. I'm kind of quick about most things and hate being late. This is something that Arwyn says she dislikes, but she is always late! She also says she dislikes shopping but spends inordinate sums of time on it. Being late is actually a consequence of being a perfectionist of a sort. While I try to balance quality and speed, Arwyn ignores the speed bit.

The End of the Blog

No, not the end of MY blog. But others have flickered out. Square1 recently gave us a swan song, followed closely by Tajalude. Geoffery, Chelsea and Leela have all toyed with pulling down their blogs. Lizzi is on the verge of timing out. Chris took a hiatus and returned with a much more gutless version of his blog. As did Bliatz with her more reserved public effort since she nearly had to pull hers all down.. Even Prison Pete has been threatened with extinction at the hands of his mysterious Editor. NSN is barely hanging on. Artful Dodger nearly went up in flames due to evil doings.

Anyone else? These are just folks on my blogroll, which I've nicknamed the blogzapper because adding someone to it seems to be the quickest way to spell a blogger's demise. I don't like having to change and adjust it. I have 3x as many RSS reads as I do folks on my blogroll, and I don't notice as many going down there.

I pulled Sensual Dementia down last summer, so it's hard to be too critical. But every one that goes down represents a loss of a sort. Those spots on the right are hard-won and when one falls it lessens my own story to some extent. But these things happen. It's just a bit sad when they do.


9 Responses to The End of the Blog

  1. well I’m sticking around for awhile longer. So adding me to your list hasn’t hurt me. I’m sorry to see many bloggers leave also. It’s like losing a member of the family.

    Hey whats wrong with a little flatulance? It may just show how comforatable she is around you.
    I here you 100% on the being late issue. If I’m not 10 minutes early I’m late. Thats a hard thing for me to accept being late.

    When you mentioned your RSS reads, what exactly are those?
    P.S. I’ll be getting to the tag you gave me when I’m feeling better. I’m having a hard time just keeping up with the reading. Summer and I are both going to the Doc’s in the morning. Instead of getting better we’re both getting worse.

  2. Dewdrop says:

    …for a second I thought you were going to say that you’d decided to pull the plug on your blog!

    Farting – well, I really hate that. It’s more the smell than anything else and it’s a MASSIVE turn off to me lol (I’m talking Hubs farts – sorry Hubs). The wind goes UPwards (i.e. burp) instead of downwards, when I get any wind, mostly.

  3. Mia says:

    I’ve definitely noticed the current “Trend” in people leaving. On one hand, I feel like everyone’s leaving the party and I’m left with cleanup. But on the other hand, I’ve been blogging since 2001… so by the Blogworld’s classifications, I should have been dead about 3 years ago.

    In the entire time I’ve been online, only 2 blogs have stayed ever since I’ve put them up – and one of those rarely updates, so she was taken down. I suppose it’s the “Trend” at work. Everyone jumped on for the ride, but it’s slowly starting to peter out as people figure out that they don’t want a blog to babysit.

    I read somewhere that the life of the average blogger is about 6 months or around 50 posts. So far, I’ve only found a handful of people that have beaten that.

    ……. and the farting thing…. well, at least she’s comfortable enough around you to do it. And I’m with Confused on the late thing. If I’m less than 15 minutes early to a meeting or some such, I start to get sick to my stomach. And it really bothers me when others don’t have that same consideration.

  4. aphron says:

    The farting thing doesn’t bother me. After seeing all three of my kids come out, nothing bothers me. The getting to the point struck a chord. I know how you feel. Do you feel like the talker’s voice slowly fades into the distance, even though she is right in front of you? Ah, the lateness. It is the one thing Wife does that will simply send me up the wall. I feel it to be inconsiderate and to show poor timing to say the least.

    Yeah, I hated that Square1 and Taja stopped blogging, but blogging is a kind of narcissistic (ph?) excersise. I don’t blog for anyone but me, although I greatly appreciate everyone’s comments.

  5. Rob says:

    Well, as I commented in another blog just now, I too am sad when some of my fave blogs decide to pack it in but I can respect their reasons and I don’t (ahem…) fart on them for having done so (evil grin)

    That said however, as I also elsewhere commented, there are thought to be 100’s of 1000’s of blogs out there in the blogosphere – some public (like this one) and others private (like those that company employees alone share). As well, I read that over 40,000 new blogs get created daily. So with that I say, even though some fave blogs may disappear over time, there are lots more out there to discover (as any good blog search engine will find).

    Added to that topic, like Digger, I too am into RSS feeds (News, etc syndication feeds). So folks check them out in Google if interested.

    Have a great SuperBowl weekend everyone, even if you don’t watch football 🙂

  6. Satan says:

    I’m so glad I’m not the only one living with a #2er, but how have you to managed to find the patience so it doesn’t annoy you anymore?!

    I’m always quite ticked off, not just sad, when a favorite blog goes down. It takes time to become familiar enough with a particular blogger to enjoy the ongoing story and anticipate updates. I’m lazy and don’t like putting effort into finding new ones.

  7. Square1 says:

    I’m still hanging about. I simply need my own headspace a little removed from the public eye now. Maybe someday I’ll share the link, but for now… I need to know that my motives for writing are pure. I’m still out there floating in cyberspace. I’m not really leaving just closing a chapter in order to begin a new one.

  8. ArtfulDodger says:

    I think its just a cycle really. Like many things in life people try something then move on to something else, it isn’t necessarily a plot, or an act of evil, although in my case it certainly was evil. It is sad however to loose those we have become “close” to and I’m glad to see you are hanging around Dig. I was worried there for a second when I saw the middle of the post.

  9. Leela Lamore says:

    I will continue to write … just that my writing has changed direction. The reason for this is Phoenix, he could not stand the fact that I was writing about our personal life (our sex & relationship)and it caused countless arguments. He presented me with a choice, either pull your blog or stop writing about “us”. I made my choice.

    I have had compliments on my change of direction, so I guess it’s not a bad thing and Phoenix is happy again… I guess this is true for a lot of people, they suddenly get hit by the fact that they are over sharing and get cold feet.

    As for the farting, I find it rude and inconsiderate, I don’t fart in front of Phoenix and he shows me the same consideration.

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