Getting Real

Special thanks to those who answered the last mem. Especially Emily, Rob and Broccolieater. They've provided ample material for me to ruminate on. In the meantime…

Non-deal breaking faults

The "Perfect Partner" meme that is currently making the rounds got me thinking: Is anyone going to be absolutely perfect? Heck, no! Sooner or later, you are going to find some faults and then you must decide: Do I learn to live with them, or do I move on?

So here it goes: the IMperfect partner meme. Or "Let's Get Real!" List 5 imperfections that you find annoying but could or have learned to live with. These are NOT deal breakers but they are irritating and annoying. But if your 8 perfect characteristics were met, you could learn to put up with these.

Pass this on to 5 people. Preferably those with impossibly high standards.

I know many hate these things, but it is good (and cheap) way to increase traffic.

Once this one gets started, I'll post my own so you don't have to worry yourself tagging me back.


1. Cinnamon

2. JeN

3. Confused Husband

4. Christine

5. Sie


5 Responses to Getting Real

  1. JeN says:

    … dammit…
    okay, okay. I’ll do it next time I post.

    remember, revenge is sweet.

  2. Thanks a lot dig!
    Nope this isn’t going to start anything at all.
    Summer is going to just sit back and read what I write and enjoy every thing that I have to say.
    I’ll have to say B.S.!!!
    But I’ll play along anyways. I’ll even see if I can get mine done before Summer does her’s. 🙂
    P.S. Summer is still intending to get to hers as well but we’re having some kid issues that come before blogging things.

  3. Summer Rose says:

    I’ve read both of your posts, I finally got mine today sorry it took so long. As soon as I’m feeling better I’ll post what happen a little later.–>

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