Bitch Slapped

Cinnamon tagged and bagged me with this one and since I see it making the rounds, I'm going to get it sooner or later. So we might as well take care of it here:

List 8 traits about your perfect partner, and have to tell if they are male or female. Then tag 8 other people to do this.

Why only 8? What's so magical about that? I actually did a top 10 list on this on my old blog. But I'll go from scratch.

These would be female traits, although looking at Cinnamon’s list, some are simply universal.

1. Passion, as in sensual, intellectual, emotional and spiritual. Actually that's almost 4 things in one, isn't it? Okay, I stole and refined it from C's list.

2. Earthy. I'm weary of the "Ewww Factor" and someone trying to create a synthetically sterile environment. But this also has to do with how they relate to nature and natural things. Don't go all homeopathic and Wiccan on me, just recognize the natural order of things. Bugs, animals and plants have their place. Maybe a farm background would be beneficial. Yeah, someone who has been shit on and can still finish their chores before cleaning up.

3. Mastery of the Madonna/whore thing. Be respectful in public, but get freaky in the bedroom. Don't be afraid of being naked around me in private. Be a tease in public.

4. Physical appearance: non extreme and confident. Average suits me just fine. All women struggle with insecurities about their appearance one way or another and this is okay as long as she's confident with me and my assessment that she's #1 and God's gift to her gender. And to me. Save the shame talk for your neurotic girlfriends. I know you have moles, a pouch and thighs. I love them.

5. Acceptance. Nothing kills intimacy faster that a feeling that you will be criticized all the time. Or at least be willing to work with me on it where we can work with each other. This also means that bit in the serenity prayer: the courage of accepting things we can't change.

6. Perseverance and tenacity. Work through things instead of quitting and giving up. The first part of the serenity prayer: Lord, grant me the strength to change the things I can.

7. Kiss me deeply, passionately and often. And let me do the same.

8. Laugh with me.

While doing this, I actually came up with a companion meme of my own. Pay back is hell, isn't it Cinnamon?;-)

Okay, I'm supposed to bitch slap…er..tag 8 other people with this. Okay…

1. Dewdrop! Ooohh Dewwdrop! I'm sincerely interested in what you have to say on this. And I also know you will take it in the spirit its been given!LOL!

How about some different folks?

2. Summer Rose – Give us (and maybe CH) a clue as to what you're looking for.

3. So Gone – List the 8 and then let us know how BF stacks up.

4. Pretty Peanut – After that HNT, I'm sure I'm not the only guy who is wondering!

5. Cassee – Need to get to know you better!

The last three don't have blogs of their own (yet), so they can answer here or start their own blogs with this one:

6. Broccoli Eater

7. Emily

8. Rob – the token male!

The good news is that you 8 will be exempted from my next round, unless you want to get in on it.


8 Responses to Bitch Slapped

  1. Summer Rose says:

    I left part my comment back on my site so thankyou for the tag! I will have to um figure out some good stuff to write.

  2. Cinnamon says:

    LOL Looks good, Digger! Though be careful what you wish for, when it comes to paybacks, the answers may surprize you.

    Speaking of which, (which witch, that is) Wiccan doesn’t also equal Homeopathic. Or “fruitcake”.

    My girlfriend who’s a Wiccan Priestess (an ordained minister who can prform marriages) is also a card-carrying Republican. (I am more liberal than SHE is.) Her husband is an aerospace engineer. And she’s very happy that his job gives them proper heath insurance benefits with decent medical and dental coverage. It paid for her gastric-bypass surgery.

  3. Rob says:

    Hmmm – so I’m the “token” male here, eh? Well I’ve been called worse things elsewhere – not that I give a flying … – but I digress 🙂

    Ok – list 8 traits about your perfect partner, which in my case refers to women. Ok, here goes nothing but I have more than 8:

    (1) Rather than necessarily be gorgeous in physical beauty (although that’s a bonus), my #1 criteria is that my lady be beautiful inside, within her soul, within her personality.

    (2) My lady should be mature, not so much as meaning that she be getting up there in years, mind you, but just be sensible, not fickle, or childish in her behaviour.

    (3) My lady would be intellegent, not necessarily have to be highly educated in a formal sense, but have excellent reasoning skills.

    (4) My lady would not be a whiner nor a complainer. That is never attractive as much as a woman who instead has a mostly sunny disposition. Not some Polyanna type, mind you, but a person who keeps their moods in check – at least most of the time. We all have our off days. They can only be overcome within ourselves, not thru whining to others.

    (5) My lady must be self assertive, know what she wants in life and is not afraid to speak her mind. She must also not be afraid to honestly communicate her feelings and needs. No one else can help her if she won’t start helping herself.

    (6) To be able to have me love her, my lady must first love herself. If she is in any way down on herself then how does she expect others to love her.

    (7) My lady must take pride in her appearance, be willing to keep in shape, to be active and not be a lazy slob. She should have a sense of what looks good on her, despite her appearance. It doesn’t take a lot of $ to look great. It just takes a little creativity and imagination.

    (8) My lady must have passion and love. She must love me, love our children, be willing to forgo her position at times (even when she’s right) for those of others close to her. Be passionate in bed, be adventurous in sexual matters, and sometimes take the initiative. Not be shy in expressing her needs and wants to me. Be considerate of my emotional and physical needs as I am always of hers.

    (9) My lady must have a great sense of humour. One of the things (by far) that is so attractive in a woman is this trait. That she can joke, not at the expense of others, but about other things. A happy person is attractive to others, a sad person never is – it’s just that simple.

    (10) Finally, my lady must be able to forgive, to not just forgive but also to forget. No one in this world is perfect. We all make mistakes (hell, even Digger does too – evil grin). So my lady is MY LADY if she can forgive me when I f*k up royally, no questions asked…

    Those 10 traits define my perfect partner. Anyone know where I can find her?

  4. Dewdrop says:

    Ooooh, Digger. Why are you pickin’ on me?? lol Seriously, alright then – I’ll do this tomorrow as today has been one verybusy day (again) :).

  5. claire says:

    Sorry, Rob. I’m already taken. (Just kidding, of course 🙂

  6. Rob says:

    I perfectly understand Claire dear, but if you should ever change your mind…. (evil grin)

  7. Emily says:

    Hmmm, eight qualities I look for, definitely in a man:

    (1) Intelligence – A sharp, inquiring mind, curiosity, willingness to think deeply and love of ideas is seriously attractive. And I love that mental spark you get when you are on the same wavelength. Definitely sparks me off in other places!

    2) Makes me laugh – I love to laugh, and my favourite kind of humour is kind of dry and understated and a little bit dark. I am basically a somewhat overly serious person inclined to worry too much, and laughing pulls me out of this.

    (3) Integrity – Bottom line: I had a father I don’t respect. I love him, but I don’t respect him, because he is not honest and can’t be trusted. And I need to be able to trust and respect the man I love, or the love just seems to die. I need to see him be honest, be himself, and stand his ground.

    (4) Passion – Hardly anything is more attractive than a man with a grand passion, whether its an intellectual pursuit, a cause, or just a general capacity to throw himself into things without reservation. Including me, hopefully!

    (5) Loyalty – I want to know that I can count on him. He needs to be a true friend to me, and I will be the same.

    (6) Fairnesss – It’s a hard, cold world out there a lot of the time. A lot of competition and stomping on each other to get our own way. And I don’t need that at home. I also don’t like endless fights over housework; we should each do our share, and not have our efforts taken for granted. If he is fair towards me and to others, I feel a huge surge of respect and attraction.

    (7) Affection – I am a warm person who loves to touch the man I love, and loves to snuggle up. And I need that back. In a relationship where that’s not available, I seem to wither up like a starved little plant that isn’t being watered.

    (8) Generosity – I’m a feminist (sorry, Dig!). But in all honesty, I think mutual generosity is more important than equality in a relationship. The balance of power shifts around in a relationship. So does the degree of effort from each side. I can’t stand that strict accounting, I-did-this-so-you-have-to-do-that attitude that can arise. When I first came home with our baby, I was so exhausted I felt I was going crazy. My partner took the night shift and let me sleep, night after night. I will never forget that kindness. That’s the kind of thing that makes me want to give 110%.

    One other thing I love: a good father. My partner has amazed me with his ability to nurture our baby. He got very involved from the beginning, does everything I do, and so he doesn’t have to be told. I don’t have to be a gatekeeper between him and our son. And he enjoys our baby’s company. I know I can trust him with our son’s wellbeing. I definitely love him even more since I have seen that nurturing side of him.


  8. D’oh, didn’t see my ID in the tags.

    Eight traits of my ideal man, huh?

    1) A sense of humor, but not a cruel one – its easy to laugh at others, but much harder to laugh at oneself.

    2) Confidence, physical. The ability to move through space and interact with the world in a harmonious and non-tentative way.

    3) Confidence, emotional/spiritual. Stands by the courage of his convictions when sure of them. Not easily swayed by the whims of others or the opinions of crowds.

    4) Flexible. This may seem at odds with #3. Ability to consider options, go with the flow, admit when his way isn’t working and try something else.

    5) Passionate — about life, not necc about sex. The ability to get excited about something, deeply involved in the world, is very important. No detachment, please.

    6) Respectful – of others needs and desires. Not letting that confidence (#3) blind him to that.

    7) Simple — or perhaps low-maintainance might be the better word? Someone who realizes that luxuries are not necessities and a $100 item isn’t neccessarily 10x as good as a $10 one

    8) Smart – not just booksmarts (though the ability to read one and figure out its contents is included here), but a dose of street-smarts as well.

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