Talking About Sex


Too bad Micheal over at the Psychiatrist's Couch Potato restricts his comments to team members. I'd have dropped him a line.

It's really something that most of the bloggers I read and read me spend a lot more time thinking about sex than actually having it. I spend more time reading about it than having it. I spend more time writing about it that actually having it. In fact, I can not think of anything that takes up so much of my mental energy that I just don't do that much. Except maybe traveling.

The purpose of this blog has been to chronicle my struggle for more intimacy within my marriage. And sex has been a huge part of that. I've worked on defining and refining the entire clashing libido debate. I have learned a lot through the process and from you good folks who have read and commented. Especially those notable die-hards who have hung on through a change of address.

I'll probably still read and write about sex more than I actually have sex, but I'm giving careful thought to it. My sex life has improved, but not that much. Actually, it has gotten less dismal and stopped rocketing on a trajectory of imminent disaster. That's worthy, and I'll take it.

One interesting note: We were on our way to see the Georgia Aquarium (See my review on Unsolicited Advice) and Arwyn and I had a bit of a dialogue…

A: "You know there’s going to be security there."

Me: "Oh, really?"

A: Yes. You're okay, right?

Me: Yeah…I guess. Why? Why are you giving me that weird look?

A: You're not wearing anything…um…that might set it off and embarrass us?

Me: Eh? OOHH! Yeah! I mean, no. No, not today.

A: Good! I'd hate to be that embarrassed. How would you deal with it?

Me: I'd just explain to them that this was an idea that my wife came up with, and that I went along…

A: OOOHHHH no you don't! I have nothing to do with it!

Me: Oh well, it's not an issue, anyway.

I can only imagine what she might be imagining!LOL! For those still wondering, she was thinking of the cage and the lock setting off the metal detector. We both did get kind of a chuckle about it.

I'm not sure it would have set it off, anyway, since my belt buckle didn't set off their little hand wands. But there was a few years ago where a woman chastity belt wearer got caught in airport security. She was a member of the listserv I subscribe to and it was interesting listening to her tell her side of it after reading media reports.


8 Responses to Talking About Sex

  1. O272 says:

    Too funny!!! Arwyn’s a smart woman! Could you even imagine??

  2. Satan says:

    “My sex life has improved, but not that much. Actually, it has gotten less dismal and stopped rocketing on a trajectory of imminent disaster.”

    Are you teasing or did I miss something?

  3. Digger Jones says:

    Yes, Arwyn isn’t stupid and knows that there’s always a chance of some sort of funny business going on. Not so funny, considering the crowds at this place. I think she would have died.

    There are issues, Satan, and I’m simmering down to the fact that there will always be issues. Especially if I make them so. For the moment, I’ve sort of mentally moved on.

  4. aphron says:

    That is the choice everyone in a marriage must make. It does not have to be about sex, either. We have to make a choice and keep bringing up a subject until the other person can’t stand it. Usually, this only brings resentment on both sides.

    The choice for you is live with it or make a drastic change. Living with it may mean less happiness but more contentment.

  5. Leela Lamore says:

    LOL … I remember in an airport terminal when my X’s metal tipped shoes caused mass panic! He was taken to a little cubicle and I watched as they brought bits and pieces of his clothes back and forth through the metal detector till they found his boots!

    LMFAO I did, was hoping they would give him a good once over but they didnt.

  6. Square1 says:

    :0D Now I would pay to see that. Too bad Arwyn hasn’t got more of a sense of humor… and btw the statement Satan quoted is your typical out of the cage attitude. “It ain’t great, but at least it’s something.” So when does the cage go back on?

  7. ArtfulDodger says:

    ahhhh, the mind simply will not let go of this one Dig! you never cease to amaze my friend.

  8. Michael says:

    My sincerest apologies. The comments are fixed on my blog now. Thanks to CH for bringing it to my attention and to you for mentioning me in your post.


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