How Do I Score This One?


Okay, I'm overdue for an update. Special thanks to autumn for answering my questions to her. I hope she had as much fun answering them as I did writing them. I might comment more extensively on her answers later.

Nothing of note on the relationship front has transpired since my last update, except I just gradually got hornier. Until last night and this morning, that is. There was a couple times where I nearly caved to the temptation to get myself off. But I held off.

Last night, I turned in a bit earlier and Arwyn came in and we talked for a bit. About the kids and about where we are with money. We have too much month left at the end of our money, which I knew would probably be the case this month. Every year, January is the hardest to make it through because I get paid mid December instead of at the end of the month, meaning we go 6 weeks without a paycheck. Despite serious efforts to have a reasonable Christmas, we are still behind. Arwyn scheduled Dr. appts. for both boys and herself during this month which totally blows any $ management to bits.

Anyway, she said she had things to do on the computer which meant she was going to be up late and I was on my own. She gave me a nice kiss and hug lasting a few minutes and I got fired up. When she finally left the bedroom, I was seriously on fire! Instead of wanking, I got the aneros and stuck it in. Flexing around and grinding into the bed felt pretty good. But in the end I ended up reading some of you all for an hour or so on my PDA before falling asleep.

I was awoken at 3:30 or so by a hard on, and there are more squirming and grinding. Arwyn slept on the couch, which she does often when she stays up late. But again, it felt really good. I didn't come but did drift off to sleep.

I awoke just as Arwyn went into the shower. I didn't bother her, and she emerged fully dressed and then came and snuggled with me for a bit. Some hugging, some kissing and me grinding into the bed. BAM! I came and felt the Aneros flexing while I was throbbing. I still had my underwear on, and Arwyn wasn't doing anything sexual. I kept my composure straight through. If she had any idea what happened, she never let on. She eventually went to get the boys up and off to school and I got up to take a shower.

So…is it sex? I mean, there was an orgasm. Somebody else was there. But my wife wasn't after any sexual gratification. I'm sure a certain Ex U.S. President would say that it wasn't. But then again, if there was any other woman there, my wife might have something to say about it. Was it masturbation? I mean, it was gratifying, but my wife was there and was sort of participating albeit not totally knowingly.


I do know it was relaxing and took off some tension and provided much-needed relief. I still would really like some naked time with my wife, though.

Hey, it's an update and I'm hard pressed to devote the effort and time into writing nowadays. Other bloggers seem to getting a bit fatigued, I've noticed. I'm still working on something else, but it isn't published as of yet. And I'm not saying when it is. Totally separate and unrelated, I've constructed a new world with new characters and new names for the old ones.

But some of you are smart enough to figure it out, eventually. And I may invite one or two readers over who would specifically benefit.

The concept arose from looking over the BoB award nominees. Last year, I had 3 out of the 4 top sex blog nominees on my blogroll; Bliatz, The Goodwife, and Mistress Matisse, who happened to eventually win. This year, Dad Gone Mad is the leading nominee for Best Daddy Blog. Glad I thought to nominate him 😉 If you haven't read him, now is a good time, since he is shamelessly producing a steady stream of good stuff in order to claim his title.

I was rooting for the rest of you who were nominated many times over. The sex blog category is probably the most difficult to compete in, with the high level of interest and high caliber of writing.


2 Responses to How Do I Score This One?

  1. ArtfulDodger says:

    When you are going as long between as you are Dig, I think you should count it! You know we support you no matter what you get into on-line here, so good luck with the new site and your new plans!

  2. Leela Lamore says:

    I dont know. I guess it is getting yourself off with your wifes input.

    Then again do wet dreams count?

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