Okay is Good Enough


Last week was National DeLurking Week, and you’ll notice that I did not ask lurkers to delurk. Or maybe you didn’t notice. But I did.

I like the idea of 20 or so people tooling through here on a daily basis and checking on the latest drama. I don’t know if I like the idea of 100 people driving through. Quite frankly, my audience sometimes scares me. The folks who comment are very sharp people! Nothing scares a condescending prick more than the possibility (no matter how remote) that he might encounter someone smarter. Actually I have, but my prickishness keeps me from revealing who the smarter people really are. So it could be any of you. Or all of you.

I’ve just recently discovered the joys of the RSS feed. It is awesome. I open up Mozilla Thunderbird, and it automatically begins surfing for all of your updates. Then those get downloaded and I can read at my leisure. I have probably close to 50 sites in there so far, with more being added regularly.

No new drama, here. I am currently replicating FTN‘s masturbation-free exercise sans the cage to see how it works. This morning at church, it was nice just having my arm around Arwyn. I do like touching her and being touched by her, not just sexually. I know she does not like to be groped (I wouldn’t mind it some time) and I respect that. Right now, I am okay with things. No pushing, no pulling, no demands. Just us getting along okay. And okay is good enough sometimes. I don’t need sex every night. Oral sex is not a strict requirement although I’d like to add it to the sexual diet some time. But it isn’t worth a lot of drama and resentment. At least right now.

I am starting a new blogging project, just so you know if this one starts to lag. Nothing’s online, yet. I’m just fleshing out the content and shaping it up. It’s more of a work blog so no sex. Sorry!


4 Responses to Okay is Good Enough

  1. Dewdrop says:

    “It’s more of a work blog so no sex. Sorry! D.”
    Don’t apologise!!! What a breath of fresh air :).

  2. aphron says:

    Good to see you working through things. Hopefully, Arwyn will see that and replicate. Looking forward to seeing your new efforts. Sometimes one can only go so far with a blog.

  3. Square1 says:

    So when are you going back into the cage? I can tell… something from the tone of your writing that you’re out. Ha! you’re right. The game I suggested would be too easy… for some anyway.

  4. I wonder, if you increase the amount of touching without any sexual activity coming from it, maybe she’d feel more open to being touched? She might just be turning anything you do into an advance – whether it is or not.

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