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I do try to answer comments when I can, at least one round. After that, you get the last word!

I share readership with a lot of other guys in similar positions with similar conflicts as mine. Some of them complain same as me. Some have affairs. Some get depressed. A few get really mad.

But my readership is distinctive from all of these other guys in one aspect: y'all have no qualms about taking me to task on a regular basis. Of course, I often dish it right back, farting in everyone's general direction when my blood is up. I seem to be a draw for various stronger-minded personalities than the average blog. This is a mixed blessing. I have no doubt that if I do or say something really stupid, I am going to be called on it by somebody. If it's really dumb, I'm going to get it good. "It" being a big can of whoop ass!

Hopefully I give as good as I get.

So it's about time for a real update. No sex since that last time. I hope I didn't act like too much of ungrateful turd. Is disappointment allowed? I was really okay with things and appreciated her effort. I've told her so. But not in the last day or so.

After a lovely kissing/hugging session in the morning before leaving work, I was feeling kind of hopeful for more of the same when I got home yesterday.

How wrong I was.

I got home later than usual because of my extra job to help get us out of debt. I also went and got grocery shopping and made sure to try to buy her more things she might like to eat and could be just heated up.

From the moment I walked in, she was snapping at me. I left the garage door open last night. I was late. Her neck and back were sore. She got the invoice for a magazine subscription I thought I might get for her. Might get for us.

Christian Marriage Today was one I thought I might try. For $20, it's a bit pricey for a magazine that only comes 4x a year, but the first one is free. But Arwyn complained that it was a waste of money. She hasn't laid eyes on it, yet. We're suppose to get one shortly, and if it doesn't look promising, I cancel the invoice. Anyone else heard of this magazine?

I have not gotten off in over a week. I also have not been caged. So I am a bit more ramped up than usual but not in any sort of real subspace. I'm not making any real promises of the sort FTN has (although I admire him greatly for it) but I am exploring vanilla chastity just a bit.

Well, not quite vanilla.

When reading the Aneros forums, there is some talk about a mysterious and elusive Super O, which occurs without ejaculation. These are more powerful, more intense and can occur in multiple waves, more similar to female orgasms. I've heard of guys having these using tantric sexual techniques, a practice which has a few things in common with enforced chastity disciplines.

Apparently, a number of guys have discovered this by leaving the Aneros in over night. A key component to this is an increased arousal caused by not ejaculating for several days (which is why many of my fellow cage perverts use it). Then, as the erectile wood gets more intense as the night approaches dawn, the aneros begins to massage the prostate. And the body builds tension until released during the Super O. I've been charging my rockets for about a week or so, so I should be ready to go after posting this and turning in. I might even blog about it,


7 Responses to Super O

  1. Square1 says:

    PMS maybe? I’m not asking to excuse her… but I just recently cleared my mega-bitch mode from PMS. Honestly it’s like being posessed or something. You wish you could just stfu… and for some reason your mouth has developed a mind of it’s own.

    Perhaps Arwyn sees the magazine as yet another pressure? A hint that you feel she’s not doing her part? Shame on her if that’s the case for second guessing your motives, but those are a couple of distinct possibilities.

    Please let us know how the Aneros project goes. Inquiring minds want to know. Cubed has expressed having ejaculationless orgasms when we’ve made love, but I’m always a skeptic.

  2. C-Marie says:

    I’ll have to agree with Square on those points she’s amde… PMS is one evil entity and sometimes the end results are like a train wreck.
    The mag was a positive thought – showing concern, again on your part for your marriage but maybe it was just another stress factor for her. She really needs to offer the benefit of the doubt here.. for your part, at least.

    I can’t wait to hear about this “Super O”!!

  3. claire says:

    I have no idea about Arwyn and unfortunately zero advice or insight. (But I am rooting for you two and am glad for the both of you that you’re trying to stick it out). What I do know is that I’ll often read Christian Marriage Today online through Christianity Today They’ve an email newsletter, too (free, and perhaps less pressure for Arwyn?) The women’s magazine is interesting, too.

  4. Leela Lamore says:

    Also with square1 on this, just out of PMS and I shudder at the thought. Perhaps you should go read my post on is as some kind of insight to the afliction.

    A normal, loving wife turns into a toad!

  5. ArtfulDodger says:

    Not all commentors are being hard on you I hope Dig! 🙂 You ask for a lot of it by being sooooo open with everything, but honestly i think that’s a good thing. it does seem to be helping and remember, take everyone’s comments in total.

    As for ejaculation free orgasms I’ve had this happen to me in a different, but yet super intense way. After several rounds of more “normal” sexual escapades, say maybe three or four in a row, sometimes the next one is strangely intense and completely different than the ones before it. I don’t come per se, nothing comes out, and it feels amazing and doesn’t stop for a long time. No guarantees though, sometimes it happens and sometimes it doesn’t.

    Keep the courage.

  6. aphron says:

    I don’t see how you keep it up. Working an extra job and dealing with the stress that entails and coming home to even more stress. Wow. You must be made of sterner stuff than me. I feel life’s stress sapping the strength from me. How do you do it?

    If it is PMS, it is a real demon. Wife tends to be in denial, yet if I charted our blow-ups and her cycle, they would coincide.

  7. Emily says:

    Actually, we all seemed to be ganging up on you a bit, in concern with Arwyn, too. Maybe we ALL have PMS!

    Seriously, I think you write on subjects like married sex, intimacy and spirituality that people care a lot about, that doesn’t get a lot of *honest* airing in other forums, and you have strong views, so you tend to attract strong responses.

    Maybe you should take it as a sign that your readers are quite invested in your blog and in how you are going? In other words, we are ganging up on you because we care…LOL

    Emily xox

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