Topping From The Bottom

If there was ever a cardinal rule in D/s play, it is that a sub should not "Top from the bottom." This mainly means (to me) that a proper sub does not manipulate or direct a scene to suit his/her own selfish ends The sub lives to serve the Top, and to do what he/she is told. A sub should know her/his place. That's part of what being a sub is, and one can't be a good, trusting sub without total submission.

I wish I lived closer to Jane, because I think it would be fun to explore some of the play she's into. It's not the hardest core D/s but it's definitely part of the scene and appeals to me. Her and her playmate take turns tying each other up. While it is not always overtly sexual, it has been.

Topping from the bottom is exactly what I want to do. The hottest thing to happen to me in years, happened just a couple of weeks ago. Getting my wife fully naked and the vision of her stretch out on the bed beneath me gets me going every single time. The fact that I was fully clothed and caged adds so much more to it. Fact is, in those short moments, as I ravished my wife's naked body with touching and kissing I was feeling a bit domly. I could see myself getting into Domspace. Not very far, but just a bit.

But I was also caged. As my cock strained against the cage, I was also experiencing subspace. I was experiencing subspace and Domspace at the exact same time. Granted it wasn't much of a scene, but it gave me a little taste. And I liked it. I'd like to taste more someday.

JeN actually hit a sweet spot with a recent post on the subject. I wanted to be the one to make and leave the marks. I want to tie Jane up. I want to spank Bliatz's bottom until it is cherry red. I want to tie Chelsea Girl down, take a vibrator and take her again and again and again while whispering sweet profanities into her ears.

All while being securely locked up in my cage. I want to feel mastery while being subjugated. Domspace and subspace at the same time. I want to simmer in the sweet contradiction of both of these. It's more than merely being a switch. I want both roles at once. Does that make sense to anyone? Or am I totally kinked beyond all redemption?


6 Responses to Topping From The Bottom

  1. O272 says:

    Have you been hitting the eggnog again, D? 😉 Just kiddin’.

    I know what you’re saying and I’m wondering where I can get in line for the spanking. (evil grin)..(as Rob would say)..

    D/s can certainly be a lot of fun. We had a pair of handcuffs, but the kids found ’em and use them when they play cops and robbers. Gotta keep that stuff put away!

    Happy New Year’s, Dig!

  2. Rob says:

    The most erotic part of the body is the brain, from which springs all sorts of wild monkey sex ideas, be it vanilla sex, d/s sex, or any other physically possible sex (although Vulcan mind melds might be fun too – lol). Anyway I just popped in to see how our caged boy was doing and to wish both Arwyn and him a very Happy New Year and let’s hope that 2006 is the year of the cumming out party for them both (evil grin)

  3. Square1 says:

    I struggle with similar conflicting desires… but you are the first person I’ve heard truly describe the ability to do so. I might post on this later. We’ll see. There’s much more on the subject for me than I think for most people, fears, insecurities, power trips… all kinds of good stuff. I’ll see what I have time to get written down.

  4. ArtfulDodger says:

    Just stopped by to wish you and Arwyn a Hapy New Year!! Here’s to 2006 and continued progress towards a happy and fulfilling relationship.

  5. Desireous says:

    Yeah I think your totally kinked! An interesting concept though. And now you are digging deep into the realms of an already interesting concept, dominance and submission. If submitting is to relinquish control can you possibly submit and dominate in the same instance? Well only in degrees I suppose you could but then you would never hit sub space or dom space. You can’t hit either realistically unless you are fully submitting or dominating. Subspace comes when you relinquish total control to your dominating partner. You can’t have your cake and eat it too you just can’t.

  6. Satan says:

    “I want both roles at once. Does that make sense to anyone?”

    Yup. 🙂

    Happy New Year!!!

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