Two entrees on Christmas Day?!


Merry Christmas!

My present to you. And you don't even have to dig it out of the garden.

The Scavenger Hunt was actyally a big success. Arwyn began her treasure hunt after the boys had opened their loot, so they were not all that into it. This actually worked out well. Arwyn actually found one of the clues before we left for church as she put on that big red coat she hasn't worn all year. I intercepted it before she could open it, but she at least had some warning of what was coming. She saw the number 7 on the envelope and correctly guessed she was in for a hunt.

So after church and dinner, we all opened gifts. I saved hers for last. She looked at the card and went out to the garage to fetch the first clue from under the lawn mower. She had some difficulty with this but got it with only a few comments "Gross!" "Ugh!" "I can't believe I doing this!"

Next, outside to the patio. That one easy, and she got her water filters. (Hey, she got me a printer cartridge). Then the hardest gift of all. The clue was a map, leading to the vegetable garden where she actually had to dig up a plastic bucket with the next clue. She asked me not to make her go out there and wanted me to go out with her. I hadn't planned on it raining, but it was a light rain. She had the spade, and once again asked if she HAD to do this. I said she could finish in thhe morning if she wanted as it was supposed to be dry Christmas day.

But Arwyn is nothing, if not intensely curious. There was no way she was waiting. I watched her out the window as she made her way down the hill, lighted by our backyard floodlights. It wasn't long before she came back with her prize. A Walmart gift card. She was hhappy with that, and happier when I told her that was the last outside clue.

Then came to clue in the scanner/printer leading to the clue in the lingerie drawer. I think it helped that she was mostly on her own, without a big audience. There, she found the keys and the Victoria's secret card. She stowed the keys, and then found clue #7, leading to her final prize, under the sink. I wasn't following her during all of this, but I did hear her gasp when she opened the envelope containing a confirmation for the season passes to the Georgia Aquarium. She called me in and gave me a big hug and a kiss. She really hadn't expected that, especially since I harped on her about managing money. But that's what you can do if you manage it wisely; you can do a big thing or two.

All in all, it was something she won't soon forget. Heaven knows how to top it next year. But the evening wasn't over. No, no, no.

The kids and Grandma went to bed, and so did we. I'd been locked in for a few days, so prepared myself for a restless night. Arwyn laid beside me, stroking my arm and asked me what the keys were for. I told her they were to ME! She asked if I was locked up and I was. She confessed to still being uncomfortable with the whole cage thing sometimes but was getting more used to it.

She gave me the key, and I unlocked the lock and returned it to her. While I removed the cage in the bathroom, she got the towel. I emerged, took off my underwear and Arwyn proceeded to stroke me to a rousing orgasm. Afterwards, we had a bit more discussion about the cage, and we agreed that she would hold the keys, keeping them in a secret, safe place. Meanwhile, I had the other two keys held by the Timelock. So if I needed to, I could go to her in an emergency (hasn't happened yet) or she could have access to me when and if she wanted. There have been a couple of times when she was open to sex when I've ended up having to cut the lock. That's a pretty remarkable coincidence, considering we've only had intercourse twice since March.

The conclusion is that there is a positive corrrelation between me being locked up and our sexual frequency. I've been running the data for the past 2 years, and while it isn't 100%, it is way beyond the scope of mere chance that Arwyn gets in the mood while I'm wearing the chastity cage. For whatever reason, it works better than any other thing I have tried, bar none. Many times, Arwyn didn't even know I was locked. I went through 100 days of no sexual intimacy whatsoever and 3 days after being caged; BOOM! I then went a week or so without being locked, slip on the cage and BOOM, again.

It was not a difficult decision to lock back within the cage this morning. To begin anew the journey which seems to have born whatever fruit I've discovered.

I am still working on HOW it works, and trying to improve on it. Trying to improve me in the process. Perhaps the combination of the cage, the keys and the lock involves some sort of enchantment. Over time, transforming me into a kinder, gentler person that holds more apeal to a finnicky Arwyn. Her using the power she has would certainly improve things, I think, but for the time being I have to learn within the limits of the present relationship.

Special thanks to those whose attention and comments helped avert what might have been a more disasterous outcome. How it was said was as instrumental as to what was said. I detected enough thoughtfulness as to inspire thoughts of my own and a radical paradigm shift that resulted in a much improved perspective. I still fret at my own narrow-mindedness in this. So, Sie, Cinnamon and Desperate Husband, I tip my hat to you. It was the sum total that gave me cause for pause. And getting me to change course is no easy accomplishment. In this case, once I jumped out and saw from a different angle, it was easy for me to see that…ahem….cough…I was wrong and you were right.

Don't expect me to admit that on too regular of a basis! Otherwise they'll take away my Condascending Prick membership.


4 Responses to Two entrees on Christmas Day?!

  1. Sie says:

    I’m just glad that you ended up with what seemed to be a happy Christmas.

  2. Cinnamon says:

    It takes a big man to concede a point, and change course instead of stubbornly plowing on. Kudos. Would losing membership in the Cactus Club really be such a bad thing?

    I’m glad, very glad, that your changed scavenger hunt led to a more positive exchange between you both, and very nice personal “reinforcement” for you. You gave her what she’d really wanted, she gave back in return. If you both started making this a habit, who knows? – you might end up with a happy marriage.

  3. DH says:

    Wow Digs…VERY happy for you man. I’m thrilled the Hunt went well and ended so well for you that night.

    Twice in two weeks?!?! Don’t go getting cocky on us!

    I hope this leads to the start of a great new year for you two.

    Merry Christmas, Digs!

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