More on the Health of Sex



Always Aroused Girl took off on my query about the relationship between sex and health and something she said made me examine the issue even more closely. Perhaps a case study would help.

Kellie was a girl who was extraordinarily sexual and sensual. Whenever she walked into a room, she was accompanied by clouds of steam emanating from a shrt body that was neither slim nor firm. Her sexiness was all about her attitude. At some point, she took a real liking to me and since I wasn’t dating anyone else, it was also convenient.

Kellie was not gorgeous in s conventional sense but she was attractive in her own way magnified by a sexy attitude. She might be driving me and some friends somewhere on a hot day and she would do the taking-the-bra-off-under-the-shirt thing and fling it back in my face. All while driving. She loved to give backrubs. She loved good, strong hugs.

She had hung out at my place a time or two, and things had gotten hot and heavy more than once. Oh yes, I had done her a time or two, but had not climaxed with her. Yeah, that was me. Mr. 90 Seconds used to be able to hang on for as long as it took to get her off, then put his clothes back on and send her home. It was still pleasurable, make no mistake. It was HOT. But I didn’t cum inside her and I can’t tell you exactly why.

Until one weekend, when she was house sitting for her grandmother. Kellie became what I can only describe as deathly ill on Friday. I took care of her, getting her food, medicine, holding her up while she drank sips of water. She had terrible fits of coughing, was stuffy and was just wiped out all day Saturday. So I cared for her, and that had an erotic feel of its own. Kellie was a very strong-willed person who was quite independent. But she let me care for her, trusting me and allowing me to play that role that was a new and novel doorway to intimacy.

Saturday night, she was coughing and I got up to get her some water, and came over to her bed. She sipped it, and then after spilling some of it, she belessed me out as only she could do. I was doing the best I could. I held her and hugged her and kissed her. It wasn’t long before my inner flame ignited. I opened up my bathrobe, slipped her panties off her and she helped kick them off. I slid inside of her and it just felt better. It felt safe and natural being inside of her. She might have coughed once, which really exercises the PC muscles. But I stroked and pumped and came inside of her for the first time. She made some snarky comment, “Geez, now I suppose you’ll want to spend the whole night in my bed!” You would just have to know her to understand it. I went back to wherever it was I was sleeping.

Next morning, we went to church together, and I commented on how much better she seemed to be feeling.

“Yeah, you’re right! I DO feel alot better! I am really glad that you finally came inside of me last night. Maybe you have some sort of magic elixir in that stuff of yours!”

We had a good laugh. Kellie and I subsequently parted ways.

Early in my marriage I did have a chance to test this out again. Arwyn’s nose always cleared up after a good bout of sex. But she steadfastly refused to acknowledge the correlation. Now she is chronically sick. Coincidence? I don’t think so.

At least one commenter disagreed with me citing her higher libido husband was usually sick more, and there is certainly room for individual variation. I’m not saying it will always work. But can it hurt?

There is enormous healing power in human touch. Some hospitals even have volunteers come in to massage and touch premature infants citing research that these babys thrive better when they are touched more often. It’s hard for me to argue with the evidence my own body registers when Arwyn and I are more physically connected.

Children and infants need to be handled in order to thrive, so this tends to support my belief that more and better sex promotes better physical health rather than sex being a passive sign of good health. As C-Marie said, the body releases endorphins which help the body combat illnesses. And it just feels good!


10 Responses to More on the Health of Sex

  1. DHP says:

    DW and I have an ongoing joke about sex taking care of headaches for her. Everytime she has a headache, I make a comment that I can take care of it for her. Every time we have sex when she has a headache, it goes away. It just seems to consistent for this to be a coincidence. I guess I am one of the rare few who like it when their wife says “I’ve got a headache”

  2. Summer Rose says:

    Digger you have come up with two good posts this week. 😉

    And knowing what works and what doesn’t work, yes massages do indeed make the body feel good and it also helps with relieving sinus pressure around the nose. As long as you are taking care of yourself physically and emotionally you shouldn’t get sick quite as often.

  3. JeN says:

    I’ve found that sex clears up my stuffy nose as well.
    I’m pretty sure it has something to do with the chemicals your body releases during sex/arousal.
    An orgasm is also supposed to help with a headache which, once again, I’ve found works.

    Unfortunately for me, both stuffy noses and headaches are only alleviated temporarily (an hour or so) with this cure.

  4. aphron says:

    Endorphins are released during orgasm. I think touch is very important to sick people.

    Arwyn’s low libido and overall health status are probably symptoms of some pent up stress. Stress causes the body to release cortisol (a steroid). Cortisol lowers your immune system and probably does other things (weight gain, low libido, etc.). Her low libido may not be causing her to be sick. Her sickness and low libido are caused by some stress she is under and can’t cope with

  5. Butterfly says:

    Yip, we have also found that sex clears up stuffy noses 🙂

    We have also discovered that we just feel BETTER after a good sexual encounter.

  6. Dewdrop says:

    Heheheh…sex GIVES me a headache!! My sexual encounters have been dismal, ALWAYS frustrating and so very non-satisfying, so for me it’s a case of I WAS well until I had sex lol.

    Generally though (seriously) I’m a very healthy person with no allergies. I get the odd cold a couple of times a year, like the next person, but apart from that I’m a healthy woman :).

  7. Leela Lamore says:

    You have been tagged, sorry bout this hope you dont mind.

  8. I think the fact that U.S. Catholic nuns have a higher than average life expectancy probably makes a point about sex and physical health.

    In the olden days, it was because they avoided the dangers of childbirth, but even in the 20th century, significantly more nuns live to advanced ages than secular women.

    And they keep their faculties and intelligence longer too — much less prone to senility.

  9. Digger Jones says:

    I’ve heard of orgasms helping headaches, but my wife isn’t buying it.

    The clearing of the nose could be hormonal (endorphines) but is also due to the dialation of the blood vessels.

    Stress and sickness go together, no doubt. Sickness can cause stress, and stress causes sickness. Lessen stress, it makes sense that sickness is decreased.

    Which is why your frustration frustrates me, Dewdrop. I’m still struggling with the idea of a husband who seems to try on one hand to satisfy you, but is so miserable at taking direction on the other. I don’t suppose masturbating in front of him is an option?

    I’ll have to deal with the tagging later, Leela.

    Ah, yes. Broccolieater you actually support my case. Less stress = better health. Certainly prayer and being spiritual has been shown to lead to better health. In the case of nuns, they have several advantages. One, is the prayer/spiritual life. Second is not having to put the frigging toilet seat down! Living with men can be stressful. Moreso when sex is not allowed! So there’s less of that pressure to deal with. Also less temptation. And FWIW, childbirth does do things to women. Take a relatively calm, sane, rational woman, and turn her into a mother. Suddenly, she turns into a neurotic mess. It could be the hormones, the lack of sleep or just the tension from being around children all day. OR from being around ME! But the woman I’m with now is not the woman I dated and married.

    But a nun has not been transformed, thus. So the connection between physical health and sex is an indirect one. Obviously, no sex = no children. No children = intact supply of oxygen = intact nerves = better mental and physical health.

    I think mothers need the dilation of the blood vessels, the release of tension brought on by orgasm and a good endorphin wash down regularly administered to counter the huge drain and cortisol buildup that children (and husbands) cause.


  10. Honest to God, sex releases the parasympathetic nervous system and DOES clear up your stuffy nose. It’s a natural antihistamine. So does eating (unfortunately). But in my youth, I had few allergy problems.

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