Naked Time

December 9, 2005



I’m getting behind in my reading and seriously unable to leave comments everywhere that I want. But life still goes on. And so my life has.


Last night the date was kept. It got after 9:00 and I was beginning to wonder since the boys were in bed by 8:00 and she was on the computer. That has been a recipe for disaster in the past.

So I got ready for bed, and caught up with some of my reading while waiting. Naked. When she came in, I could barely contain myself. She was feeling cold so was not completely naked when she got under the covers with me, but this did not last long. I am a walking heater most nights and last night was a veritable blast furnace. I would have been content with a whole lot of naked snuggling. Seriously. It has been sooooo long. But I was stiff as a board. I’m not sure what Arwyn’s frame of mind was going into this, but I determined way early on to not look a gift horse in the mouth. She eventually shed all remaining clothing and got on top of me.

Top position is best for her and at this point I would be fine with almost any position. Anything that involve us being naked and mashed up against each other. I moved my warm all over her to keep all the naked exposed parts warm and toasty.

You know what? I’m going to abbreviate the steamy details. Firstly, because they are not altogether exciting. Besides, there are better sex bloggers out there. I don’t think of myself as a sex blogger as much as a relationship one. Second, there were no major issues, which is a blessing in itself. Finally, I think I need to punish all the folks leaving the snarky comments a couple days ago as well as the readers not leaving any comments! My apologies to those who left adoring, admiring and otherwise ego-stroking comments. You deserve more, and I’ll do better for you next time. See you in 104 days.

It was good, it was relaxing, it was what I needed. I think the morning was actually much steamier and more sensually erotic, truth be known. Her naked and me fully clothed (and locked up) while ravishing her with kisses was seriously approaching a major fantasy of mine.

Which reminds me of FTN’s little question/poll

How many married readers would be content to spend months planning, say, a surprise getaway weekend to an isolated, rustic cabin — with a big jacuzzi bathtub — and specifically plan to NOT have sex? If you did, would it be an enjoyable, or a frustrating, week?

Doable. For me, anyway. But there is a complicated dynamic and it would be difficult for the LL to fully except it. One problem is the old Bill Clinton thing: What is sex? What is is? I mean this is a supposedly romantic thing, right? An intimate thing, right? One problem I’ve encountered in various run-ins with our LL women is that there is a basic intimacy problem that sometimes extends beyond just sex. The sex is more symbolic of a closeness they are simply not comfortable with. The chastity/lock up gambit was my solution to this. Yes, if I were locked up the entire time and we could be intimate without specifically having sex while still having some degree of physical and emotional intimacy, I would do it. It would be enjoyable and frustrating. But that’s just my kinkiness coming through. I can find enjoyment in a certain type of frustration as long as it is consensual. The problem is that even this has sexual overtones and expectations that put pressure on the LL partner. But the concept is that they could relax without the pressure. Leave the keys at home and have at it. But eventually there would have to be a payoff at some future point. Could a LL person let go of that expectation in order to relax and enjoy the sex-free weekend without that expectation looming over and casting its dark shadow? The success of the whole venture would depend on that. Fact is, the majority of LL women are so neurotic, it would be difficult for them to let go of their worry long enough to enjoy the experience. This plays right on into the whole sexual experience. Sometimes they can let go once they are in the throes of passion, but that is not a sure thing.

Okay, back to the question: Could I do it? Yes, most definitely. But probably not the same way as most other folks. I would definitely anticipate some naked time, but necessarily sex. Would that be a fair compromise?