And Now for the Kinkiness Day 1



Hmph. I guess commenters do have their uses. I would've overlooked the making dinner thing as being insignificant if y'all hadn't pointed it out as being kind of a big deal. It is a concession on her part, which she did follow through on last night. Since her and the boys will be out later, I'm okay with leftovers until I decide what else I want. I'm somewhat limited by Arwyn's culinary skills. She handled the spaghetti fine, since I had sauce in a jar on hand.

Things are more relaxed round here since the blow out. Of course there was no sex, since I'm now locked up fairly securely. Bold cutters could change that pretty quickly but there is no inclination from either of us. She didn't pick up the keys and I didn't think she would. While she benefits from the enforced chastity, it does represent additional responsibility on her part. Or, as FTN's wife eloquently put it, additional pressure. Ironic that NOT having sex would present similar expectations and pressures as actually having it, but this is another example of how the control issue is expressed in a sexual anorexic. I'm not the best of subs, and can be manipulative like most of the other locked up guys. I've had to learn to temper this in myself but Arwyn is not ready to do much with it. It is also a function of LL people not having much in the way of sexual fantasies. Most HL women would love to have an opportunity to have their men chomping at the bit for them and there are some imagining what they might do with/to such a guy right now.

Last night, I woke up at 2:30 and again at 4:30 and finally got up aroud 5:30. No steller hard-ons this time, but that will change as I get more ramped up. Since I just came yesterday, things are relatively mellow the first night. Although I noticed that the harder I tried to think unsexy thoughts, the more they kept wanting to creep in.

Later this morning, Artfuldodger's description of his tryst with his lover really kicked my ass!LOL! The cage was feeling mighty tight for a bit, there! He certainly paints a picture of the grass being pretty lush on the other side of the fence. A part of me wants to stick my neck (or something else) through the barbed wire and grab a mouthful for myself. Desert on one side, lush green grass on the other. What would you choose?

The keys, the keys. At this moment the Timelock has a copy of the combination encrypted. I'm not sure what I was thinking when I set it for 2 weeks, 4 days and 12 hours. That would be a new record, especially in the Curve which isn't as comfortable. Being longer it is bulkier but provides a little more room for expansion. I do have a copy of the combination tucked away, but Timelock will be busy until Christmas no matter what happens.

I was asked an interesting question:

What does being locked up do for you?

In the first place, the expectation of sex is taken out whilst I am in. IOW, I chose this as opposed to someone else choosing for me. While not expecting sex, per se, it does ramp me up erotically. I am more sensually aware of things around me. I am more sexually charged up. When release finally comes, my orgasm is many times more powerful. It is a way to be ramped up sexually without actually having sex. The effect would be sweeter and more powerful with a partner/keyholder who knew how to tease, but eventually lots of things come into play. Over time anything can become a tease of a sort! With a sex life virtually gone solo, it is something that I can do without pressuring Arwyn. However, she does get more affection out of the deal, but the sexual pressure is off for the moment. With enough of the sort of attentions that I usually lavish on her after being full-blown ramped up she is more open to at least indulge me with a handjob when I get out. I usually let her know ahead of time, and she is usually fine with that. Last time, the handjob turned into her riding me which wasn't that productive since I lasted all of 30 seconds. Two weeks no orgasm + hand job + sex = light speed orgasm. Put that in the LL playbook if you want to quickly get it over with. No, I did not complain! At least until my prostate swelled up like a balloon.

In my last post, I did leave out one vital piece of information, which one sharp reader pounced on. Namely, when I was in the bathroom yesterday morning, it took some time to fit the cage properly. One of the opening salvos from Arwyn was “What were you doing in there, taking so long?” So I told her that I was putting on the cage and the keys were there if she wanted them. This was before the crying and tears. Sorry my rendition of the conversation is so sketchy.


4 Responses to And Now for the Kinkiness Day 1

  1. Square1 says:

    So glad we have our uses D.! I could almost see the virtual bird being flipped there and would like to return my tongeu sticking out at you in the manner of a two year old in kind. :oP

    These are the parts of your journey I look forward to. Your attentiveness to your wife because of the cage is intriguing. I hope that coupled with verbal confrontation on issues regarding intimacy will help things along more quickly. And yes the others were right, dinner was a HUGE concession on Arwyn’s part because it shows at least that she is LISTENING even if she is not talking.

  2. Satan says:

    “What does being locked up do for you?”

    I’m always so puzzled everytime anyone asks this. Don’t teasing and denial have obvious rewards?
    When I or He is away for a bit, coming back home and finally having sex after a weekend, a week, a month etc is the BEST. It isn’t that way for everyone?

  3. Melissa says:

    I become more and more amazed by your patience. I’m speechless.

  4. cassee says:

    hi and thanks for adding me to your blogroll ; )

    I have been super busy at work and haven’t had time to read/post as much as usual so I just noticed.

    If I ever find the time to fine tune my site, and add a blogroll you are on it. But don’t hold your breath haha

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