Aneros Trial


This thing is amazingly comfortable. I lubed it and my posterior up after givng it a preliminary washing. The directions say to lie on one side and then bring one knee up to your chest to insert it. I did that and it was in before I knew what happened.

It wasn't all that exciting, though. I mean it was there, no doubt. But is was almost too comfortable. I flexed my PC muscles a bit and could feel it working somewhat, but it will probably take some practice. And deprivation. It was so comfortable that I got up and took my shower and left it in. Then I wondered…

I got myself up to a nice, full erection and the sensations seemed a lot more intense. At the same time those sensations were distracting. I did enjoy the contradicting push-pull feelings and the Aneros definitely intensified that sensation. I decided not to go for broke at the time, but finished my shower and left it in for awhile. I got dressed and did a few things around the house. I was able to sit or lay comfortable enough which was surprising considering how the handle sort of sticks out. It's the only visible part of it, as the other curved part contacts the perineum, getting the prostate from the other side. When I removed it, it came out as easily as it went in. I put it in again, this time just standing up, and it slipped back in with no trouble.

Okay, one technical hygienic note for the (other) butt virgins reading. Graphic-ness follows. Surprisingly, it came out pretty clean. Yeah, there was some poo on it, but not very much at all. I thought it might look all gross and disgusting, but it was okay. It was easy to clean and wash for the next time.

I think I could have sex with my wife with this thing in and she'd never notice. It might be just the thing, but I could't tell her. If she thought I was fucking her with something up my butt she'd freak. But it might intensify things for me.

I'm going to have to post some questions to the CB list about this thing. Exactly how is it used for milking? Has anyone else used it by themselves with success? Any medical advice as far as using it to prevent prostatitis? (There is at least one M.D. on the list).

I'm thinking the sensations with the cage on will be much more intense. Because of the way the cage works, the prostate does invite more sensations as any erection backs up in that direction. Also, after a few days or weeks of no release, things will be more sensitive. I think it will definitely sweeten the chastity experience.

I don't suppose anyone else has walked around work with a butt plug in all day? Or this particular one? Sleep with it in?

This is not a well-discussed topic 'round the bloggers I frequent. Chelsea Girl is the only one I know of who has reliably covered the topic and her odes to anal ravishment run in a different (still fascinating) direction.

For those with any kinky disposition whatsoever, I highly recommend some exploration and experimentation. Just for my purely selfish aim of having others to discuss it with.

I used to think I'd never get into an anal kink. I couldn’t imagine it and didn't want to. But desperate times lead to desperate kinks. Relating to my last post I'm guessing Normal would not have treaded the waters he trod if his intimate and vanilla sexual needs were being met. Or maybe his case is different having dived into the world of swinging while still being sated with his wife. In anycase, roughly one third to one half of male chastity device wearers arrived in their twisted state as their wives turned into sexual prudes. I know I'd still be all vanilla if Arwyn exhibited half the interest of most of the women that I regularly read.


12 Responses to Aneros Trial

  1. chelsea girl says:

    I’m glad you liked the Aneros–I’m thinking of getting one for my man. By the way, there’s a pretty graphic post on that tool at my friend O’s bloghouse, Eros/Logos (


  2. Square1 says:

    This post has been removed by the author.

  3. C-Marie says:

    I know I’m not ever going to whisper a word of it!
    Someone HERE would never conform!

  4. Aroused Girl says:

    I’ve wanted to try one of those on someone for ages now. Glad you enjoyed it your first time. It is so exciting to me to know that a man would consider walking around with that…er…in use.

  5. 1Cubed says:

    stop by and see my blog dig, you may like it :oP
    and btw, if that’s what gets you off, more power to ya’, i say anyways. :O)

  6. Leela Lamore says:

    HS the comment by Anonymous said…
    had me so worked up I nearly freaked, thank you who ever you are. Digger you rock Anonymous holy shit you make me want to fuck my husbands botty … err ok I have but wow I have a new respect.

  7. Digger Jones says:

    I need to start charging for the free advertisements around here..or collect royalties!


  8. billys1 says:

    being an-orgasmic and an-ejaculatory all of my married life, sometimes emphasis on the sometimes, i can cum masturbating but never vaginally with my my wife, I have been searching for a tool to help out with things. I found one in the Euphoria, an Aneros like anal sphincter, prostate massage tool. WOW! the first time I used it I thought I had died and gone to heaven. The contractions were tremendous and the ejaculation— well, I came so much that I actually overflowed my wife’s vagina. I never knew that this was possible but for me, at least on this first time— it happened. I know that the original designers of this tool were the Japanese for use on their troops to “reduce sexual tensions” among them, and that they were our enemy in a world wide war at the time , but we are at peace now and I for one would like to say “Thanks guys for inventing this thing”!

  9. L in Norfolk says:

    My husband & I are trying to kink things up a bit… 3-somes, toys, bondage, him doing me anally & stuff like that. For a while, I’ve been reading about the “earth-shaking, mind-blowing climaxes” that this thing can create when worn during sex. This has caused me to subtly start introducing the idea of using a finger tip on him (haven’t yet, but he’s now willing to try) & now I’ve even gotten him to agree to letting me try a prostate toy on him, as long as it’s small.

    At first, he was all uptight about the homo-aspects of anal play on him, but I told him that as long as it’s a woman doing it to him, it’s not gay. Am I right, or what? Anyway, after lots of research, including your review (thanks!) I’m gonna go ahead & order one for him. I’ll bookmark your blog & come back in a few months to update you on how it’s working for us.

    Take it greasy!


  10. […] post of all time?   Again, lots of kinship with AAG there, it’s the one where I wrote about sticking something up my butt.  It doubles on my 2nd most popular post ever, where she was the first to comment.  Her […]

  11. anal sex says:

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