Black Friday



Not much new to report here. I've got a couple of new posts on Unsolicited Advice (finally!) that might get people thinking.

I'm at 90 days and haven't scheduled any engagements in the War for Intimacy. But one may be brewing. Today it arrived. Arwyn brought the Aneros in with the mail. It was discretely packaged in a box and her and the boys were instantly curious. No, she didn't know about it although I did put notice on our little joint blog that she rarely reads. So she is still curious. Fortunately, that was somewhat put off by a new book that arrived for the boys; Aesop's Fables. So while she read the book to the boys, I took it in the bathroom, liberating it from its packaging.

By the packaging claims, you'd think this was the answer to every man's orgasmic dreams instead of a medical tool designed to enhance prostate health. It comes with a breif set of directions and a diagram showing all the parts of it. It does admonish the wearer to not try to massage by moving the thing manually, but by using the PC muscles to move it. That'll take some practice.

The thing is much heavier and sturdier than it looks in pictures. That was the first thing that grabbed my attention when I picked it up. But I have not had a chance to try it, yet. Since I've been wanking pretty regularly, it will probably take some days in the cage before I can fully appreciate it.

The cage is repaired. I bought new locks. I have my new toy. I might even have a new virtual keyholder. The stage is pretty much set. Now it's almost time to put players in motion for a run up to Christmas.

I'm reluctant to start, though. I'm still wishing Arwyn would get a clue, but this does not appear likely. I really do not want to celebrate 100 days of involuntary celibacy. I suppose locking up would be one way to short circuit that because then those locked up days would be voluntary, sort of. I'm also liking being up until midnight or longer by myself, blogging or playing games. I also like sleeping as late as possible. But these are not healthy for my relationship, so they are bad habits that the cage is well capable of bringing under control.

Note to self: Make sure to buy more toilet paper before embarking on this adventure.

I'll do it within 7 days for sure unless some catastrophic event takes place. Like passionate sex or some other fiction.


3 Responses to Black Friday

  1. DH says:

    Best of luck in breaking that awful streak, Digger.

    And congratulations on the Aneros…I’m a bit jealous…would love to have one myself.

    Let us know how that goes.

  2. I went back awhile ago and read your cage posts, as well as checking out the link.

    The thing that concerns me about your hopes for it, I guess, is that it seems to be a certain kind of D/s plaything. And real, true D/s seems to be something that *both* partners have to be interested in and willing to explore. Further, it even looks to me, an outsider, to be a D/s game that would work better if the person with the key were the one handing the cage over and saying “Put this on!”

    To buy yourself a cage, lock yourself up, and then give her the key is starting the game without really having her on board with it, which just doesn’t seem like it worked well, in the end. And it also sounds a bit (sorry if I’m not familiar with the lingo, because D/s is *so* not my thing) like “topping from the bottom.” ?? While you say that it got you more sex for awhile, might things have tapered off again partly because that kind of play is uncomfortable for her?

  3. Melissa says:

    Well, I think I’ve finally read everything in the archives and I must say it’s the most interesting thing I’ve read in a long time. I have seen myself on both sides at different times. Your toys absolutely fascinate me. I wish my husband would try such a thing. Of course, I can’t even tell him I know of such thingss. I hope your wife finds her sexual side before it’s too late. I used to be a lot like her.

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