Good Vibrations

I was reading Shay's Blog and she gives a lot of airtime to vibrators. I mused and imagined the remote vibrators and how much fun it would be to play with one of those things and realized they sort of exist now.

The Lioness still fascinates me. We've had some fairly candid discussions about relationships, mostly hers. Her young man is apparently neglecting her, and she feels abandoned and lonely. I've kept my own circumstances to myself, but I know her feelings all too well. I also know disclosure by me would cause a cascade of intimacy that I'm not up for at this point. So I listen and support as a colleague/friend.

She has moved out of the house she shares with this young man, and has been ignoring his calls. But he is trying. Her cell phone is set to vibrate, and everytime it does she gives this little surprised yelp. Or maybe it's a yip. It's extraordinarily amusing, and always sets me to thinking that these things could double as long-distance remote control vibrators.

Imagine chatting and IM'ing with someone you've never seen, but have developed a sort of relationship with. You decide to meet, and the guy tells where to meet, which happens to be at a very public and crowded restaurant/bar. He tells you to put that cell inside your panties before going in the restaurant/bar. Once inside, you wait for the "call". The only way he is going to know who you are is by the reaction. You're scanning around the room, looking for some character with his cell phone out. But everyone seems to be jabbering away or text messaging or something.

Bzzzzzt! Bzzzzzzt! Bzzzzt!

Could also make for some interesting webcam interactions.

I can't believe no one has tried this.


2 Responses to Good Vibrations

  1. Dewdrop says:

    I bet you that someone, somewhere has already tried that one, Digger!

    Have to say (surprise, surprise) the sort of vibrations that things like mobile ‘phones (set to vibrate of course) and other things which I’ve heard women can get off with (washing machines on spin cycle lol!??) do absolutely bugger all for me.

  2. Shay says:

    You know what would be really fun? Remote control vibrating panties!! I hope I can get a pair one day. ^_^

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