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I like the attention. I really and truly do. Sometimes the light does get a bit bright for me, tho. I don’t have stat or hit counters, so all I know is comments and maybe the number of views on my profile. Sometimes a blog I link to will show top referers and I find I’m right up there in the top 5. I don’t know what the ratio of reads-to-comments is, typically, but I know it is quite high. There are a few blogs I read where I never have commented. There’s power in letting a writer know you like reading them, and then there is power in enjoying them without them having any idea you’re there or who you are. I like both. I like having a regular gang around who I know read me all the time. Then there new folks that pop up, and I begin to wonder where they come from. I always follow commenters back to their own blogs and am often pleasantly surprised in discovering some new quality reads. Most of these are quickly bookmarked, and then I begin copying their contents into a document for later viewing on my PDA. Some of you have made bedtime more interesting with your content!

Many bloggers pepper their entries with pictures. Some of these are pretty hot and all of them are interesting. But they are also a pain in the ass for my purposes, which is mainly getting to the actual words. I’m more or less hoovering these into a word processor and pictures lengthen the process and slow down page loads. But that’s just me. Occasionally there’s a picture that is good enough that I’ll take it along with the text, but this is rare.

Geez, tthis post has gotten totally boring. I’ll probably publish but already have a subsequent post sitting around, ready to bury it.

It’s really bad when you fall asleep while writing your own stuff.


2 Responses to Comments and commenting

  1. virgin says:

    I comment fairly often, but nowhere near all or eve most of the time. I comment on some people’s sites nearly every time I read. On other sites, I almost never comment. Much as I love reading some of them, I just don’t feel like I have anything to contribute.

  2. Shay says:

    ^_^ I like to follow commenters back to their own blogs too.

    I hope you have been enjoying my blog as much as I have been enjoying yours.

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