This should have been written yesterday, since that was day 69 of my “no sex” streak. If there’s one position I could live on, that one would be the one. Unfortunately, it’s been over 10 years since I’ve last experienced it. But I guess I should feel lucky for having done it the few times that i did.

I realize that most women don’t get as much out of it, complaining of being too distracted to reach their own satisfaction. For me, the distraction is the attraction. I exist so much in my head, that during sex my mind will sometimes get in the way of my own enjoyment. The distraction provided by having a woman’s pussy in my face gives me a wonderful place to go while she works on me. I can focus on her arousal while getting buzzed by mine. Giving and receiving, making noise and hearing noises. Flicking my tongue and feeling flicks. Sucking and getting sucked. It requires more effort and concentration than just intercourse, which is why I like it. It is the ultimate in intimacy, being locked and joined at more that just the one point. My head is nestled between her thighs while her head is between mine. We envelope and surround each other, merged into interlocking and mutual pleasure.

Excuse me a minute…

Okay. I’m better, now. I just had to take care of something.

My preference is the bottom position since I’m a bit worried about gagging the partner when I’m on top. Or I was. However, she was able to take all of me in and never once complained. I also felt closure and more deeply entangled from the lower position. 69 was the best, greatest position where I was able to orgasm from oral. It was actually the only way, and the climaxes were wonderful

So, nothing new around here since Arwyn has some sort of throat thing and cough going on. So may be another 40,50,69 days more before the drought is broken.


13 Responses to 69

  1. Aroused Girl says:

    My favorite way to 69 is side-by-side, with thighs for pillows. Relaxing and close. Mmmmmmm…

  2. aphron says:

    If I could just get Wife to 69….oh well, we all gotta have dreams.

  3. Desireous says:

    Every time I feel bad about not having sex (which doesn’t usually ever go much past the two week mark) I just come over here or to a couple of other blogs I read from and you know what? I feel a little better. I guess that doesn’t do much for you though does it? Hmmm, maybe we should all get together and have a blogger orgy and feast on sex till we can’t stand it a moment longer! LOL


  4. Dewdrop says:

    The only 69 I have enjoyed is a ride on a 69 bus :S. That was years ago as I drive most places nowadays :).

  5. Rob says:

    “… since Arwyn has some sort of throat thing”

    Obviously she didn’t get it from any recent kinky 69 activity, eh? (evil grin)

  6. C-Marie says:

    It is a wonderful thing, the “69” – unfortunately I can’t remember the last time I indulged. Dammit.

  7. Tajalude says:

    Well, not a 69 fan. I’ll indulge Hubs (aka Tom haha) every so often, but truly… not much in it for me.

  8. ~ anne says:

    dewdrop makes me laugh! a bus…

    while 69 is not at the top of our list of favorite positions, it’s close!

    here’s hoping that this is your week!


  9. Shay says:

    I’m a terrible 69 partner, I get too distracted by what is goin gon between my own legs that my technique just falls to pieces!!

  10. JeN says:

    Well hello there, mister. I’ve found you again, it seems : )

  11. whoami929 says:

    I’m on board Desireous and Digger I think we’ve found something in common. hmmm…

  12. Digger Jones says:

    The first time I got my partner on top of me, I think she was thinking side-by-side. Thighs for pillows sounds comfortable, at least until the other one comes down and squeezes.

    I am so down with you, Aphron. I keep dreaming. You keep dreaming, too, Marie.

    Desireous, I am here as your humble servant. If I can make just one person feel better…

    I wish I could get blow jobs delivered. Because that’s the standard charge for making you all feel better! Heck with altruism.

    69 on a bus? I’ve never tried that, Dewdrop. I’m game if you’ll wear the plaid skirt 😉

    I doubt Arwyn got a sore throat from 69ing. Ever. At least from me. A nice orgasm might help clear her lungs and swallowing might do wonders for her throat. It would do my nerves a world of good.

    I need to think about where you’re at, Tajalude. If “Tom” doesn’t wise up, he is going to end up with an angry, resentful LL or No Libido wife. Still, you like giving oral and like getting it. So why no 69?

    Sorry Anne, but while Arwyn is the least bit sick (which is a lot of the time) there is no way.

    Um, Shay? There is no bad technique. Unless you get too toothy, then that could be kinda bad. SLack off and use your hands if you get too overcome by the urge to grit your teeth.

    Hello JeN! Since you’ve been head-over-heels my brand of darkness has lost its luster, I suppose. Actually, have you met Shay? JeN, Shay. Shay, JeN. You two have a lot in common, e.g. toys and such. I’m just being hospitable. Maybe you two could research prostate massagers for me. I look forward to a review.

    Welcome to the rumpus room, Whoami! Suppose you and Desireous would mind sharing? Nevermind. I think I might be getting whatever Arwyn has and I haven’t the energy.

    Hmm. Maybe LL is contageous. I need a shot of vaccine #69.


  13. Tajalude says:

    Easy enough to explain… because I give 95% more oral than I receive, and when we’re in the 69 position, it’s 95% about him. Not only is it difficult for me to concentrate on my own pleasure, it’s difficult for him as well. Mentally, it really doesn’t do anything for me, and physically, it doesn’t cut it. I prefer taking turns.
    But I know he loves it, and so I do it for him. He says it’s as much mental as it is physical for him. I just don’t agree.

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