Scorpion King



As previously promised, the 100 Post is about to be buried. But I’m sure those most avidly interested saw it. It sort of plowed up a lurker or two in the process. I got one email with a picture attachment that I had to forward to another email account because it exceeded my scrawny 2 Mb limit. If you sent that (and you know who you are) go ahead and send a short msg if you’d like a reply as forwarding stripped the original address clean off and like a knob I didn’t save it into my address book.

I don’t read my horoscope and do not take stock in the whole Astrology/Zodiac thing. Having said that, almost everything I’ve read about Scorpios seems to be uncannily true for me. Equally as odd, almost every relationship I’ve ever had has had its beginnings in the fall of the year, about this time.

One cardinal characteristic that gets the most airplay is the sexiness of Scorpios. Actually, that isn’t quite accurate. The word should be Passion. While sex is exceedingly important (and readers can read how to make a Scorpio miserable right here) it extents to all areas of life. That’s not to say I’m passionate about everything. There are a great many things I don’t care about at all. But those things that I am into, I care about deeply with a real zeal and intensity. Intensity goes along with the passion.

And another oft cited characteristic is secretiveness. Longtime readers familiar with my defunct blog recognized most items on my list so there were not as many new revelations for them as they might have liked. That was somewhat by design. I carefully choose how much of myself to reveal. Even though we’re getting pretty deep here, know that it is still measured. That 100 list, even though conservative in content was a terribly risky stretch for me. But it was a risk I thought I had to make which involved some serious editing and rewriting before I thought it fit to publish.

Along with the secretiveness is a slight aversion to the spotlight. I like attention, no doubt. I love attention and moreso adoration. But that spotlight gets too bright and I’m scuttling for the shade. It threatens that secret side of me a bit much.

Another characteristic associated with the sign of the scorpion is vengefulness, coupled with a certain amount of sadism. I also have that one in abundance. While I am intensely loyal, I expect such loyalty to be returned equally. Violate my trust and expect to be struck back with great intensity. I can allow most things to roll off my back. But should I decide to take an offense personally, I will pursue justice with pedantic vigor. The object of said justice will become an object lesson: This is what happens when you mess with the wrong person. Vengeance is executed with intensity calculated to insure that a violator will never want to violate me again. I experience pain intensely, and dole it out with equal vigor…when I eventually get to it.

This sounds terrible, and it is. I am hypersensitive to it, which is why I’ve evolved a heightened tolerance for abuse and negligence. That sadistic vengeful side is the scariest of monsters which I can ill afford to allow running loose. It isn’t whimsical, it isn’t fun and it is not funny. It knows no humor.

Sadism that is not vengeful can be intensely passionate and erotic to me. I did have an opportunity to exercise that once, and the intensity was scary in a way, but not dangerous. Getting in touch with my submissive side has been good for me in that way, allowing me to understand the other side.

So I guess you could look at this as a bonus to the 100 post. I still won’t be checking my horoscope.


3 Responses to Scorpion King

  1. C-Marie says:

    From one Scorpio to another… it IS highly uncanny how the zodiac description bears a remarkable resemblance to some of my own traits. (I don’t read them things either)

  2. Rob says:

    As yet another Scorpio (blogland seems to be thick with us types, eh? I wonder why? lol), I agree with both you and C-Marie. It would appear that all of us share many traits, as well as similar burdens

  3. Leela Lamore says:

    Spot on the money … Phoenix is Scorpio … (if you didn’t know already) and un happy Scorpio is not one to cross. Just ONE look and you feel like the world is going to end.

    Keep them happy, adore them, love them, be loyal to them, worship the ground they walk on, give them sex countless times per day (with passion) and you will have the best possible partner in life.

    Sad to say I think it must be the hardest (of any of the Zodiac signs) for the Scorpio to find the right partner.

    Oh and I don’t read horoscopes either LOL. It is just that a Scorpio is so damn uncannily close to what they say.

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