Number 99: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly



Okay, working on #100 but we need to get through this one first. And the major issues and themes of my story do have some updates to include. Good, bad, ugly.

The Good: This morning was a good start to the day, although the potential was there for something bad. This morning actually started last night, when I went to bed earlier than usual and she turned in a bit later. No sex, though. At least together. Thinking about FTN’s take on masturbation and the comments that it provoked, I went ahead last night and decided to relieve my own congestion. Arwyn turning in early almost derailed it, but I decided to go ahead anyway. She could object, join in or whatever at anytime. But she didn’t and I remained my quiet self in the process. While other women, visuals and experiences might enter my mind while on the sensory incline, none of them bring me to orgasm. None. Thinking of Arwyn and how she used to be, or how she could be or even how she is one rare occassions does it. The imagining of the intimacy is what gets me off. A year ago, I used to encourage her to talk while stroking me off. It was pleasurable and talking was not as much of a chore when combined with some manual stimulation. Or I should say listening. Ladies, this is a good way to get your man to tune into you. At least it works on me. Of course my climax sort of ends the conversation but that gets held off sometimes by the mundane content of our conversation. I think she amused herself by increasing the stimulation to see if she could get me to cum while discussing poopy diapers or vomit. I’m 100% okay with anything that increases her amusement or enjoyment.

Last night, Arwyn was asleep in her customary inverted position, and was apparently sound asleep when I finally came. Later in the night I did scoot into a sort of inverted reverse spooning position for awhile. At some point I’m going to have to devote an entry to sleeping positions. This position only works if we are sleeping head-to-toe and facing opposite directions with our knees bent. Hey, it happens. Of course we’re not under the same blanket or anything so it’s not as intimate as it could be, but I take what I can get.

In the morning, I did reach for her before she got up, but she escaped away into the shower. I laid there contemplating whether or not I should join her in the shower. I decided against it as she has not been open to that for 3 or so years. I come in and ogle while shaving or brushing my teeth sometimes. I really, really would rather watch Arwyn than any of the internet or TV porn honeys. I think all men should invest more time ogling their wives and I think all women should let them.

She came out of the bathroom, fully dressed except no shirt and she went over to the closet to look for one. I jumped out of bed, and gave her a hug and a kiss that turned into a longer hug and a backrub. My goal has been two minutes every morning and this morning I must’ve gotten a full 4 minutes! It was a good start to the day. Too bad the day couldn’t stay that way.

The Bad: I’m missing the whole chastity cage scene. This blog needed the boost that theme brought to it, plus it helped give me the energy and motivation to span the gulf that often developes between Arwyn and I. But it is still broken and I haven’t gotten around to fixing it. The prostate infection spooked me and I’m not going to be doing any longterm play until I get a proper massager. Which will be awhile because…

The Ugly: This morning, I whistled in to work, loaded up Linux on my desktop at work and proceeded to take care of some business. Arwyn said we were out of laundry detergent but I knew we were low on money. I got online and checked the account balance.

Overdrawn by about $30. NOT good since it’s going to take some time to get my hands on some money to deposit in that account. Fortunately this bank has a history of not charging much for covering an overdraft. About $2/day last time it happened but that was few years ago. Still, our finances are UGLY! One problem is that we have a tennant who is a couple of months behind on the rent. We have floated her before but can’t afford to do that anymore. We never could afford it, but did anyway. If nothing else, I’ll sell the outfit to FEMA and be done with it.

My birthday is coming in a week. What I want for my birthday costs a hell of a lot less than what Arwyn asked for Christmas. She wants season passes for the whole family to the new Atlanta Aquarium. We already have passed for the zoo and Stone Mountain.

I’ll let you all guess what *I’d* like for my birthday. Then take bets on whether or not I’ll get it.


7 Responses to Number 99: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

  1. ~ anne says:

    congratulations on the good, sorry about the bad and yikes about the ugly!

    hope you have a happy birthday. as for presents… i would guess you would like alittle more than 4 minutes of intimacy (which would of course be a great gift and come with no price tag) or maybe a new chastity cage?


  2. Dewdrop says:

    For your birthday…I’m going to go with the ‘obvious’? My guess is full sex (for more than 2 minutes lol) with lots of foreplay beforehand, and with Arwyn dressed in sexy underwear?

  3. Leela Lamore says:

    Yup sex costs nothing except a bit of time and effort. Here is betting that you do get some on your birthday!

    Funny enough I spoke to Phoenix about you this morning and we were both wondering when the drought will break. Lets hope Arwen agree’s with all of us *smile*

  4. C-Marie says:

    I’m crossing my fingers that you get that birthday wish!!!
    (it’s defintely something I would request!)

  5. Rob says:

    Well D, I see that your b/day falls just before mine (which is on Halloween). I hope you get your b/day wish. My b/day wishes fall between “tricks” and “treats”. I’m not sure what to expect anymore. Btw, time to stop subsidizing your tenant any longer – charity begins at home – right?

  6. FTN says:

    I’m just impressed that anyone would be able to orgasm while having a conversation about poopy diapers or vomit. That’s not the kind of “dirty talk” that I think I would enjoy.

    And for your birthday… new socks?

  7. Wow. My bank charges 18.00 per check/ATM overdrawn. That goes on till you reach -150.00 then they return the checks. Glad to hear about the good. The ugly sounds all to familiar.

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