Why didn’t I think of this earlier?

What a day. We’re too broke to go anywhere, except Arwyn took our oldest to his karate class. I goofed around a bit on the computer and then played with our youngest. I never did eat lunch. When Arwyn cooks, she’ll cook enough for her and the boys, but I’m on my own. Heaven forbid I do likewise.

The boys were also bored, so what to when bored? Usually I’d go and fool around the garden, but all I have is a few pole beans and some tomatoes which I got yesterday. So I did the next best thing. I made cookies. The boys were all excited and all over me, which was okay. It kept them occupied. Arwyn vacuumed a bit while I did dishes and otherwise played spider solitaire all day. I made snickerdoodles, which my oldest saw written and misread “snoodle-doodles”. I also made some oatmeal chocolate chip cookies. By the time I finished the cookies it was about time to make dinner so I made biscuits and gravy. On my feet pretty much all afternoon. Arwyn was on her ass all afternoon. She doesn’t buy the food, doesn’t contribute to the grocery bill and doesn’t cook beyond nuking hot dogs for the kids.

So I laid on the couch after dinner, reading on my PDA. The boys were pestering her in the kitchen while she was trying to do dishes and clean the kitchen. She started grumbling about me laying around. I about lost it. She whined about her throat hurting and how tired she was. Granted, she did get out of bed before me by an hour or so.

As the kids began to fuss about going to bed, I suggested that I camp with our oldest in the backyard. I know he’d love it, but he’s never been. She said maybe after the ragweed was gone.


She has a habit of projecting her allergies and disabilities on the boys. He does have allergies, so maybe she has a point. But this is the woman, allergic to everything, who told someone before we were married that she dated me because I had more time to go camping. This same woman, who often went camping and hiking and claimed to love the outdoors and nature, is going ballistic because we have a few ants in the house, mainly in our bedroom. When she put her pillow and blanket on the couch, I knew I was on my own, in anycase for the evening.

So, I blew up the air mattress, set up the tent, got my stuff and set myself up in the backyard. So yes, I’m typing this in the tent! Cool, huh? Not exactly roughing it, but there is something about being out of the house that changes my state of mind. I feel freer. I might just take Governor Perdue up on his suggestion of an extended weekend, saving a bit of gas and energy to boot.

And I’m taking my cookies with me.


3 Responses to Retreat

  1. So Gone says:

    >>I never did eat lunch. When Arwyn cooks, she’ll cook enough for her and the boys, but I’m on my own.

  2. C-Marie says:

    Out of all you do and all that you have to deal with emotionally, how in the world is it acceptable for her to NOT include you when preparing something to eat? Is there really anything left to save in your relationship? Not only is it disrespectful but it’s down right rude, crass and insensitive!!

    On a lighter note.. I hope you had some fun camping out and enjoying your cookies…

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