Just Wondering



Okay, I’ve just gotta know. I have no idea how many folks read me but I know that there are a fair number of various ages and walks of life.

Have any of you other guys had a prostate infection? Have any of you women had husbands that have had it?

Reading about it, apparently it is one of the most common reasons that men visit the doctor. Something like 75% of all doctor visits by men are for this condition. It’s not something we talk about in casual conversation, just like most guys suffer through other things in relative silence.

One hypothesis as to cause is that it might be by congestion caused basically by the lack of orgasms. I wish I could find the narrative written by a guy on my cb list in his 70’s who experienced chronic prostatis in his 30’s because his wife wouldn’t have sex with him and viewed masturbation as a sin. He ended up going to the hospital 3x a week, so he could lean over a table, holding a dish to catch his juice while a male nurse stuck a finger up his ass to massage his prostate. They didn’t have the antibiotics in the 1950’s that they do today. His humiliation was such that he eventually divorced the wife and he went on to find one that indulged his kinks and fantasies.

My infection came on the tail end of going over 2 weeks without orgasm. My choice, I know, but it was in the effort of improving my marriage. By the time Arwyn decided to have sex with me, I already had the infection as the orgasm actually did feel a bit painful. Am I out of line to be angry about this? The real question is, how many of the guys who are having sex regularly have suffered from this condition? Guys in their 30’s, 40’s and beyond. I’m just wondering. Maybe I’d have gotten it anyway.

I think it was Aphron who described it as a fate worse than death. A bit melodramatic, I think, but definitely NOT fun. Recovery has taken several days and I’ve been taking my horse pills religiously. Only two days left of those things. Everytime I take one, it reminds me of the circumstances leading into it.


6 Responses to Just Wondering

  1. Satan says:

    “Am I out of line to be angry about this?”

    For goodness sakes, Digger, if you want to be mad at Arwyn for not meeting your needs, don’t hide it behind a self-righteous anger about getting a prostate infection. Have the strength to really hold her (and yourself) responsible for more than a passing (hopefully) health problem.

    You lock your damn cock up in a cage – ever think that could be what’s causing it? It’s as effective as Arwyn is towards keeping your sperm imprisoned.

  2. Square1 says:

    I think what Satan has to say has some merit. Perhaps it’s time for an ultimatum, as both of you know this is not a healthy relationship. It’s time for some counseling. If she refuses to try to work on the marriage then there seems to be little choice but to consider giving up on it. After so long a dead body can not be resucitated… it would seem the same is true for a relationship with someone who is comfortable in their apathy. This behavior has gotten to such that it is actually causing you health problems. You can not continue to live with such a blatant disregard for your needs when you see to hers on a constant basis. There has to be some give and take on both sides. I see a whole lot of take and very little if any give from her. Of course this is bearing in mind there are two sides to every coin, but irregardless you can not continue this way.

  3. Rob says:

    I agree with Satan in that you might want to ditch that cage. Whether it be Arwyn meeting your needs properly as your wife or you instead regularly taking matters “into your own hands”, like they say – either use it or lose it, otherwise… QED

    You may be able to cope without Arwyn here but your body can’t cope without sex in some fashion.

  4. Satan says:

    Ooh, Rob, I appreciate the agreement, but I never want Digger to lose the cage. I love him in it. He just might want to stop trying to set world records (and get a partner who wants to make up for the locked-up times!)

    By my comment, I simply meant that Arwyn and the cage are generating similar outcomes – no ejaculation. So if you get mad at Arwyn for not preventing this infection, you also have to look at what else does the same thing. And if you don’t get mad at the cage, then your anger against Arwyn isn’t simply because of this current event.

  5. An Opinionated Bird says:


    Prostates need regular exercise. If you aren’t having orgasms regularly with a partner, you should have them regularly with your hand and some K-Y. If my orgasm frequency goes way down I tend to get an ache in my prostate, a backache, and constipation. This is if I deviate from my norm of about 4x/week and don’t have one for a week.

    Toss the cage unless you want a repeat. Not just infection- enlarged prostate the same.

  6. Anonymous says:

    My DH had such an infection last year.

    While we’re not the most frequent folks on the block, we fall into the slow and steady category – at least twice a week, minimum, heading up to 3+ times a week at some times of the month.

    For him it turned out to be more; they found a mass in his bladder. Theories are either that the pressure of the mass caused the infection, or that the mass was a result of irritation from the infection.

    His prostate was also found to be somewhat enlarged, and an enlarged prostate can contribute to an infection by clogging things up a bit. Even after the bladder mass was removed (not cancerous, thank GOD!) and the infection cleared up with a big dose of antibiotics, his prostate remains enlarged.

    My research at the time didn’t find a clear link beween frequency adn prostatis – in fact, the article that found the lowered risk of prostate *cancer* for those who ejaculated more often found that the men who ejaculated more often had a *higher* rate of prostatitis, if I’m recalling the research correctly.

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