Health purposes



Um…thanks! I guess from the sample size found here (three as of this writing) the super-common condition of prostatis is still kinda rare. If I asked about UTIs or yeast infections I’d probably be overrun with tales of the nether regions.

As far as keeping the cage off, that’s not terribly difficult at the moment since it is basically split in half from my last foray. So it will need to be repaired although my old Curve is still available. Chastity play is not totally out of the question, even if my condition is chronic. Several guys engage in weekly “milkings” which basically involves prostate massage. While it relieves pressure and congestion it doesn’t provide the sensory and psychological relief a full orgasm does. So the benefits of chastity remain intact while the major health concern is addressed. I might be in the market for a new toy. For health purposes, of course.

In other news, Arwyn and I did lay in our inverted spoon position last night. Such an odd thing, but is pretty much the height of our intimacy as of late. We still do hello and goodbye kisses, but these are more like little habits than real heartfelt affection. This morning, I went ahead and stole the two minutes of intimacy I wanted by going into the bathroom as she finished her shower. She rapidly got her bra and panties on and then I hugged her from behind, kissing her neck as she combed her hair with a hair pick. I didn’t grope or anything, just held her and then gave her a big hug before she took the rest of her clothes and bolted for the door. I was glad for the privacy so I could get on with my own sexlife, such as it has become.


One Response to Health purposes

  1. C-Marie says:

    Does Arwyn realize the importance of that certain health concern? Would she be willing to keep you healthy if you brought this info to her? Have you yet?

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