I am feeling better, thanks for all the well-wishes and good thoughts. Tuesday night was probably the worst night in terms of having to wake up and the discomfort involves. I took the full day’s dose of antibiotics at once, but Doc said it would take awhile to take effect.

Up and down every single hour, just to dribble a little bit. I’d sit down and felt like I had to lay an egg, but it was just an enlarged prostate that was VERY unhappy. I’ve had a UTI before several years ago and that was pretty scary. I could actually see the blood and there was some burning as well as a low grade fever involved which I carried around for several days before going to the Urgent Care center.

This time, there was no visible blood and no fever but the discomfort was on a more massive scale. I can still see nail marks in the wall above the commode from Tuesday. A hot bath did provide some relief but that was fairly temporary. Maybe I should have slept there.

By yesterday, I was getting in better shape, and could hold my juice for a couple of hours. And last night, I only had to get up once.

This morning, I thought it might not be such a bad idea to clear some of that congestion. I haven’t approached Arwyn simply because I need to test things out myself, first. When Arwyn gives a handjob, she does a good job of playing all the way through an orgasm to the point that it can get too intense. I wanted something a bit more controlled. Erections always feel good, and with this condition they offer some relief from feeling like I have to go all the time. So I stroked myself up and got over the top and it started off feeling really good. But this quickly degraded to feeling really BAD and painful. I shot out of bed and into the bathroom, not quite sure what to do next. Taking a leak was slow in transpiring but eventually things settled down, and a shower helped, too.

Chronic cases of prostatitis are associated with decreased libido and now I can see why. A few more shock treatments like that, and this blog will definitely change in content.

Maybe it could become a political blog, as I’ve been so sorely tempted over the past year. No, I’m going to refrain and keep my lip shut.

I will say that the price of gas in the Atlanta area has gone absolutely bonkers. Yesterday, staff were getting cell phone calls from family members telling them all of the stations were going to close at 3:00. Then new calls came in confirming the rumpr, only it was now 4:00. Then it became 6:00. Panic spread as people were in line to top of tanks before the wells went dry. The day started with prices around $2.60 per gallon. By mid afternoon, it was over $3.00. By 6:00, the lowest price I saw was $3.89/gallon. The highest price I saw was for $4.65. IOW, prices nearly doubled in a single day. Since I had already filled on Monday, I wasn’t so anxious to pay hysteria-induced inflated prices. I’ll see what happens next week. Think I’ll regret not shelling out the $3.69 when I had the chance?

I will make one other political statement related to the gasoline situation. In 1999, John McCain lost the Iowa Caucuses to the GW political machine. One reason was because he didn’t campaign much there, deciding to concentrate on M. Hampshire. The other reason was because of his stance on gasahol subsidies. In Iowa, the state subsidized turning corn into alcohol and adding it to gasoline to make a 10/90 alcohol to gas ratio. The result was a higher octane, cleaner burning fuel. McCain thought the gasahol program was a loser, and the farmers in Iowa didn’t like hearing that so few voted for him making *him* the loser.

Estimates are that the loss in the gulf represents about a 25% shortfall from what we’re used to consuming. Heaven knows we need to learn to conserve from being massive energy hogs. But the gasahol idea is an ugly duckling that has turned into a swan, thanks to a billion Chinese hungry for crude and Katrina. Home grown, and good for the envirnoment to boot. Iowa and Illinois and maybe Nebraska are the only ones I know using gasahol. Every country has something they could make alcohol out of. Afterall, they’ve been drinking it since ancient times.


8 Responses to Recovering

  1. aphron says:

    I heard about Atlanta’s situation. It is interesting how rumors take on a life of their own. Here, gas went up nearly a dollar a gallon. Hopefully, it will come down soon.

    I hope I never have what you have. There is a fate worse than death!

  2. ~ anne says:


    glad to hear you are feeling better.

    gas prices and shortages have hit us as well. after waiting in line for an hour today i paid $3.29 a gallon. outrageous!

    i would rather have the higher prices than suffer the devastation that those southwest of us have.


  3. Rob says:

    Here in Toronto, Canada gas has also zoomed up practically overnight to 1.20 Canadian cents per litre, which converts to 3.89 US$ per US gallon. I don’t expect these gas prices to come down a great deal for a long time to come. I expect things to get much worse as the winter heating season approaches in 4 months time.

  4. Square1 says:

    I have not seen gas prices yet, but think I will stay home from our weekly trip tomorrow. Where hubs can not avoid going, we inevitably do more running around with the children in tow, and the extra wieght burns gas. Until things show a little relief in the area of gas prices I forsee a lack of really going anywhere. We may have to forgo the church we’ve been attending and seek a local one.

    As to relief… I can not imagine what the people that are still in the big easy are going through. Destruction on a massive scale and no one believed it could be this bad.

    Glad to hear things are looking up in the prostate area. I pray for a speedy recovery.

  5. C-Marie says:

    Good to ehar you’re feeling a little better.
    Gas prices, gas prices… UGH! Reporting at 3.19 here and rising.
    It WILL get worse and I dread it as the heating season is nearly upon us.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Mr. Jones,

    Let me apologize in advance for the length of this comment. I’m sure it would be more appropriately addressed to you in an email. Since I don’t have an email address for you, however, I am reluctantly posting it here.

    I don’t know whether it would be technically appropriate to refer to myself as a ‘fan’ of your blog, but after reading (and in some cases re-reading) through every single post, I must say that I have been singularly fascinated over the past few days. I enjoy your writing immensely and have been alternately touched, angered, horrified and heartbroken by your postings.

    I don’t know where to begin really. There are so many questions I would like to ask you!

    I’m sure it won’t surprise you in the least to find that I am navigating similar waters, albeit seemingly much closer to shore (After reading, I now find my own troubles in this area seem insignificant in comparison). I too am struggling with HL/LL incompatibility in my marriage, and the insights I’ve read here (and elsewhere in the blogsphere) have been incredibly helpful for me.

    What really held my interest in your blog, though, is your attempt to approach the problem from the prospective of a Christian worldview. As a fellow believer struggling to maintain my character while at the same time yearning for a meaningful/fulfilling/intimate sex life, I really appreciate knowing that I am not alone in the fight.

    Someday, I hope to have the courage that you have shown in putting pen to paper (so to speak), and trying to work your way through this by sharing it with others. If so, I would love for you to stop by on occasion and comment on what you find there. Until then, just know that I (and I’m certain others) are out there praying for you and, of course, faithfully reading.


  7. steff says:

    I’m NE of Atlanta and my hubby had the same gas rumor begin at his work, to the point the rumor ended up being that his plant would be closing. After making a round of calls to family and friends that usually are out driving around during the day, I ‘watched’ the price of gas go up hourly. Our little corner station stopped selling gas because customers were beginning to panic and show up with huge tanks to fill. Now all the stations around us are limiting gas purchases to $10 – $15. In a moment of being smarter than the average dingbat (and being from Houston & going thru hurricanes & having a brother-in-law that works offshore didn’t hurt), all of my family went out sunday and filled up with gas before the prices even started climbing.

    Proud of the help and response of my hometown, Houston, in this crisis.

  8. Digger Jones says:

    Worse than death, Aphron? That’s being even more dramatic than *I* would put it!LOL! At least it’s something I can get over…and then deal with again later. Trouble (and good thing) with death is that you only get to do it once.

    Send me a link when you get your blog up and running, Joel. I have some open spots on my blogroll tailer made for guys like you.

    As for the gas prices, I already had a full tank of cheaper stuff and am still driving on it and am not even half empty (or half full) yet. I’d rather things stablize somewhere so my fuel shopping needs become somewhat less of a crapshoot.

    Glad I won’t be heating with natural gas this winter.


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