A date made…



The last time we had a sexual encounter of any sort was the handjob in early August. The last time we had intercourse was sometime back in June. I think. Arwyn complained at that time about having some sort of pain associated with full-on sex. So I have not pressured her, except for the one handjob. But I have wanted more hugging, cuddling and general affection which hasn’t really materialized. Thursday morning we did hug and kiss for 5 minutes or so which was a real watershed for us.

This morning, as we were getting up, Arwyn gave a little kiss and was on her way about her day. I decided I needed to write, so I went out to the living room to get my PDA and she snagged my arm and pulled me on the couch and proceeded to ask about my plans on the day. Yard work, same as usual. And then she about flattened me.

“You think maybe we could have some Arwyn and Digger time, tonight?” she asked.

“Okay, if you want.” I replied rather flatly.

“Would I ask you if I didn’t want to?”

I shrugged my shoulders. Duty sex has long since lost any appeal.

She got a little upset that I wasn’t terribly enthused. I reminded her that this was morning and by evening things could come up and often (usually) did which resulted in me getting stood up. She opined that as parents of young kids, this was often the case. I told her that was fine, and I had no problems with that and I wasn’t blaming as much as saying why I wasn’t terribly enthused or excited. The let down and the crushing resentment is directly proportional to my level of anticipation. Letting myself look too much forward to it is a recipe for free fall off a cliff.

But as they day wore on, I found myself looking more forward to it. After doing some weed trimming and brush cutting, I came in and took a shower. After my shower, she came it saying she needing help with the vacuum cleaner. She didn’t ogle, but I held the towel protectively between us until it was obvious she was intent on hanging around, ostensibly looking for a vacuum cleaner part. I put on my underwear, and then gave her a brief hug and a kiss. She complained her back was hurting so I gave her a mini back and shoulder rub. And then let her off to finish her house cleaning..

We will see.


4 Responses to A date made…

  1. C-Marie says:

    Ooooo… I’m waiting to hear what happened next!!!
    *crossing my fingers*

  2. aphron says:

    As someone who has gone through these frustrating dry spells, I feel your pain. I think there is something to the small children causing problems. Wife went through that for about 3 months. I pleaded with her to tell me what was wrong. She would never tell me. Eventually things have come to an understanding. Sadly, the days of wild, irresponsible sex is over. Work, children, and especially baggage intrude into the bedroom. Hang in there.

  3. Square1 says:

    Yup… make her do the chasing for a bit. Play hard to get Digger. You’re strong. You can do it.

  4. Dewdrop says:

    Hmmm!!! Crossing my fingers for you with C-Marie!

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