The Lioness



Day 12

Satan asked for a description of the Lioness, so here you go. First of all, her ancestors did exist on the same continent as the lions before being snatched away by greedy, godless, heathen slave traders. She is short (maybe 5’0″) trim and young. She is talkative and gregarious. Outgoing, spunky, funny and terribly cute. She is a breath of fresh, young air to a stuffy old man like me. She’s 24 or so and going to college in the evenings. She’s got dancing eyes, the cutest dimples and the firmest ass around. She’s young and fun. Smart and sassy. She’s everything a man could want for a little attention on the side, making one look forward to going to work and dreading having to go home.

Or at least the would be the case or maybe should be the case. But the Lioness is also immature to an extraordinarily annoying degree. Relax folks, this kid is no threat to Arwyn. For a moment it was fun to entertain a thought or two about this young thing who does have a certain feline feminine way about her. She does have a nice sense of humor and contributes energy to the workplace. But she has a sense of personal entitlement that makes Arwyn look like a nun (as if she needed another reason for that comparison). The Lioness has talked at length about her expectations in men and how she expects to be treated; like a princess. Those are her words, not mine. She already berates her parents for not paying for everything for her, like a new car or buying her a house or paying for her insurance….you get the idea.

The Lioness can be loud and obnoxious at times and also has a lazy streak. Which means that having her as a keyholder would be nothing but a bad idea since I’m probably going to end up having to put some starch in her collar, professionally speaking, to keep her on a positive track. She’s too much like a daughter, especially since her mother is only a few years older than me and she still has a brother in middle school. Just not enough there for even an attempt at an emotional affair. I can hardly believe I held the thought as long as I did let alone sharing it on the internet. But it really was worth it, to see the mini-shitstorm it kicked up. You all gave me some very good, honest and sincere feedback and it gave me enough cause for pause to think it over and see things more clearly.

You have to admit, it gave my story a much needed lift. Things were getting too boring. Having said all that, I am still half-receptive to someone relieving my thirst and hunger for intimacy.

Sorry to disappoint you, Satan. I think we struck out on this one. Maybe someone else will come along who will fit the bill a little better.


5 Responses to The Lioness

  1. ~ anne says:

    i think you have disappointed more than just satan…

    you have friends here that were concerned about your well being and that of your family. friends that care.

    glad we could be part of your mini-shitstorm and give your story a lift.


  2. morgen z says:

    i’m waiting for a thursday post, d… i am assuming that you came out of the cage sometime today…

    also, just an fyi, i quoted you big time on my blog… props where props are due my friend. you say it very well.

    hmmm, now that we have a description of the “lioness”, i’d personally go for a description of digger himself…. 🙂


  3. Dewdrop says:

    Yes, I agree – a description of Digger! Please.

    Lioness – hehehe…shouldn’t it be Lion Cub in retrospect?

  4. I’ve looked over your blog, and I have a few questions for you. Have you considered that your wifr may be the survivor of sexual abuse? Her always pushing you off her, wanting to “just get it over with,” and her feeling more open to touching and cuddling when you are locked in “the cage” (BTW-I think that the idea of a male chastity belt is soooo hot) seem to point that way.

    Also, easier said than done, but have you tried talking to her…i.e., why don’t you want to have sex, what would make you more open, etc? I bet that this conversation would be a bit easier for you if approached in a setting that she feels safe in. Meaning, not while in bed, after she has rebuffed you.

    And, check out this guy’s blog-i think you’ll like it!

  5. Digger Jones says:

    Hopefully you won’t have to not be concerned, anymore, Anne. It’s all genuine, no staging here. But One does have to look at the bright side, and you all did give some good thoughts.

    I’ll have to think about the digger description. THAT part will probably be staged.

    And rehearsed.

    And edited.

    I’ve had thoughts along your lines of thinking Bridget and have even asked. she denies any such trauma, but that there is something dark in her past relating to her alcoholic father but she won’t say. She just gets to a point and refuses to talk.

    Yes, we’ve had “discussions” and at times she’s candid about just not being too attracted to me and other times she just throws a monkey fit.


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