Baby Steps



Day 9

? more days

I don’t know whether I’ve said it or not, but Arwyn and I have crap for communication. It’s a chief cause or symptom of our difficulties. Trying to bridge this gap has been a challenge-and-a-half. Earlier in the year, I actually had an unpublished blog in the shared area of our computer called “Things Arwyn should read.” I know she read it at least once as she made a comment about seeming to not be able to do anything right, based on what I was writing. I wasn’t writing terribly different that what you’ve been reading here. It all disappeared when our hard drive crashed. I’m conteplating starting another one. “Letters to Arwyn” or something similar.

In my last entry, you might have seen a light bulb go off, as I was lamenting Arwyn’s lack of involvement in this chastity bit. I went ahead and wrote and sent an email explaining about the Timelock. She already knows about it and knows what it’s for. I wrote that I was inviting her participation, saying that I wanted her to be involved in my release using her hands or whatever. I also explained the “extend” function and how to use that, basically saying that if she wasn’t ready to do that, she could extend the time.

Did she read it? Did she act on it?

The goal is to encourage at least minimal participation on some level. Any level. Theoretically, she could keep me in indefinitely if she wanted by continually extending the time. The opposite of that would be to ignore the whole business and leave me high and dry once I was released.

This is simply a reintroduction to keyholding, using the Timelock to help. She can’t release me early, but she can keep me longer. There is still some pressure involved on her, but it’s not as much as before. Or at least that’s how I see it. I view it as keyholding with training wheels. If she does nothing (neither extending or participating when I’m out) then is it safe to assume that her interest in having a sex liife with me is nil?

I need to introduce a new character in my saga and I don’t have a name. I want her to have the name of a lioness. What was the names of the principle lionesses in The Lion King? There should be at least two: the mother of he cub and the one Simba ends up marrying later. No, I don’t own it, and yes I’ve seen it more than once.

I suppose I could call her Halle, after Halle Berry who played the principle character in the movie Catwoman. She has many of those qualities, at least physically and in the way she moves.

I’ll wait on the details until I find a proper name.

Previous attempts at audience participation have went over like a lead duck. We’ll see if that trend continues.


7 Responses to Baby Steps

  1. ~ anne says:

    here is my shot at participation.

    the names from the Lion King may have been ‘Nala’ and ‘Sarabi’… it has been awhile since i watched the movie.

    in college i did a paper on names and origins of names, here are a few others you may want to consider… ‘Ariella’ ‘Leona’ or ‘Leandra’ … all meaning lioness. Ariella means God’s lioness.


  2. Square1 says:

    Halle Barry’s name in Cat woman was “Patience”.

  3. Square1 says:

    Oh and btw… do not be let down if Arwyn refuses your proposal. If she is sexually anorexic as you think she may be… anything sexual would probably be seen as a burden, even something as simple as taking off the cage. Hope for the best… prepare yourself for the worst.

  4. Digger Jones says:

    Thanks for the name ideas! I’m still deciding on which.

    True, it probably will be a burden. Altho she never has to actually take the cage off. Her role, in this case, is to extend the time that it stays ON. She never has been interested in touching it. I think she did once. And she unlocked it a few times in the early days. She also locked it several times. I tried to wash the cage in the dishwasher once and she about went ballistic. I thought that’s what dishwashers were for…to wash stuff that’s dirty!

    I am hoping for the best…BUT preparing for the worst. Hence letting in the new character.

  5. C-Marie says:

    I’m hoping for the best for you too!! *crossing my fingers*

  6. Satan says:

    I always loved that name “Leonora”, though “Leandra” is pretty, too.

    Nice job on the Lion King references, anne! I had to turn to Google. 😉

  7. Tajalude says:

    Ok, I’m curious.

    New character???

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