Vicarious Living



Day 8

3 more days

Oh yes, I am counting down the days! It has been hot, too hot, to be confined like I’ve been. But short of using bolt cutters, I’m sort of stuck with it. Arwyn and the boys went out with a friend of hers who has a boy between the ages of my two today. So I’ve had some spare time on my hands that better could have been spent wanking away. But, instead I did some grocery shopping, some dishes and am doing a bit of cooking. And blog readiing.

Glad to hear there are 2 or 3 folks who enjoy my frustration. That’s almost as good as marital angst. I suppose it’s what makes the chastity theme work. Women (they seem to leave the most comments) can wonder how their lives might be improved by having their men locked up and live it vicariously through me! Guys don’t say as much because they probably know that their outlook would be profoundly altered. Women, being wired differently, are seriously curious as to why having a cock under lock would do the things I claim it does.

It’s a known fact guys live and die by their cocks. Control the cock and you control him. Not just his behaviors and his sex life but his thoughts as well. When he has but one source of release, his eye is fixed on that source. The bond and the control is tightened by the judicious use of tease and denial. Keep him aroused and you keep his attention. And the longer he’s locked the easier it is to keep him aroused. Just whisper in his ear and he’s glued. You wouldn’t even have to whisper…just breathe.

I can imagine that a number of you could have fun with it once you got your minds around it. To some extent, I sometimes feel the effort is wasted on the unappreciative Arwyn. I would be more than happy to spend more time in more often if she made the experience just a bit more worthwhile. Let me see her naked once in awhile, wear something a tad sexier and behave in just a bit of a more relaxed nature. Afterall, it isn’t sex. The threat is lifted for a time so cut loose a bit. Let me touch and taste while locked up. Explore, direct and assert.

It’s basically what I’m doing. Being locked up doesn’t make me more docile. In fact, in some ways I might be more assertive, but I am definitely more tempered. Those qualities would easily be magnified with some participation.

Hmmm. That gives me an idea.

Stay tuned.


3 Responses to Vicarious Living

  1. ~ anne says:

    i don’t enjoy your frustration, just curious about this whole theme and what it does for you and your marriage.

    do you ask arwyn for her participation? do you tell her how great it would be to see her naked, playful, sexy?

    do you and arwyn discuss how being caged makes you feel?

    i am still trying to understand all this, it just seems like self imposed punishment to me.

  2. Square1 says:

    It’s not your frustration I enjoy. It’s the attentiveness to your wife, despite her shortcomings.

    Oh and btw… if I didn’t enjoy this aspect of your blog do you think I would reccomend weeks of being caged? Come on… I’m not that selfless. :0P

  3. Digger Jones says:

    It’s *okay* to enjoy the sexual frustration! It’s sort of what this exercise is about. Heaven knows I enjoy it…most times.


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