Not much Angst



Day 7

I originally had things set up to unlock today, however I extended the time for another 3 or 4 days. Debating on whether or not to extend more. There are times when I could easily do it, but other times when I really want out. The early morning wake-ups are such times, when the cage is pulling and pinching. Then it would be nice to get out and get some relief. The closer I get to release time, the harder it gets to extend. On the other hand, I can see that a week isn’t really all that long, anymore. If I don’t do it this time out, next time is definitely starting at 10 days with whatever extensions I add early on. A new record is definitely in the works before the year’s out.

Arwyn’s participation is still of the more passive variety. I can feel myself getting drawn closer to her as time goes on. Past experience tells me that there is a limit to this, but those limits need to be explored further. I’m still pretty self-indulgent, spending too much time on the computer at night, while Arwyn turns in extremely early. That doesn’t help things at all. Perhaps more time in the cage is warranted to see if I can modify this behavior. I could use some more sleep, anyway, so turning in earlier would be beneficial.

Indeed, something Jay said in one of his comments got me thinking. If Arwyn insists on sleeping with her head at the foot of the bed, what’s to stop me from doing the same? Well, right now the cage does work against that. A few nights ago we did happen to kiss and cuddle for an extremely short time and I was up and down for the rest of the night with hardness and frustration. There was some kissing and cuddling this morning that I initiated that kept me semi-aroused for the rest of the morning. Just thinking about it now, gets me going.

I’ve mentioned before how it is possible for me to look at Arwyn and feel love towards her. Not all the time, but much of the time, cage or none. While in chastity, those feelings are intensified. In fact, the sound of her breathing at night and the sound of her voice when she talks become draws under these conditions.

Sorry the story itself isn’t moving along very much. At least there isn’t the negative drama. Negative drama and angst does attract a lot of readership and comments but doesn’t do much for the marriage.


2 Responses to Not much Angst

  1. Square1 says:

    Actually I fond your lock up times very refreshing from your usual resentment, anger, and disappointment. It’s nice as a woman to see a man talk about his affection for his wife sometimes, than constantly harping on how alienated he is, whether it be through her fault or not.

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