The Draw of Chastity pt 3



Day 4

“It wants to be found. It hears its master’s call.” – Gandalf in The Fellowship of the Ring

In the LOTR movie series, the One Ring is a character all its own. It has its own voice, its own background music and probably its own wardrobe and make up. It corrupts whoever is near it, and draws others to it, seemingly having a will and purpose all its own. It changes all who come in contact with it, especially the one who wears it. The ring and the Dark Lord are drawn to each other.

The chastity cage works in a similar fashion. It changes whoever wears it and that person is drawn mightily to the one who holds the key. It has the power to warp and change the outlook of the wearer, with the changes being more and more pronounced the longer the wearer wears it. The actions of the keyholder can further enhance the process. Tease and denial sharpens desire. The desire to please, the desire to love and the desire for approval.

Why would someone willing subject themselves to this sort of power? Well, there’s the answer. Because it is powerful. D/s relationships are driven by the exchange of power. I can see myself switching either way, because it isn’t so much the possession of the power and energy, as much as the building and exercising of it. Possession of power means nothing without exercising it. It’s that current of energy that draws us kinksters to it like current around a coil creats a magnet that attracts metal. I guess the nonkinksters would be poor conductors in the physics of power exchange.

So which direction does the energy flow? From the submissive to the dominant? Or from dominant to the submissive? I suspect that both feed off each other, and flow through each other. It is a constant exchange. The submissive may surrender power and control, but this is an energizing exercise of it’s own. The dominant receives the power, but dispenses the energy of creativity and both give to the other with enthusiasm.

In my case, I’m more or less dominating myself. It seems on the face of it that I have a limited well to draw from. However it just now occurs to me that Arwyn can not NOT participate. Her mere presence provides something to be drawn to. And if I’m up making her breakfast at 5:30 because I can’t sleep because of a raging hard-on, she participates by eating what I cook. I suppose she could not eat it. But if I do the dishes and mop the floor, she can’t really do anything about that. She is still the object of my affection and the recipiant of my attention.

Conventional thinking would have me be mightily resentful of her for her indifferent ways. But that is conventional vanilla thinking. That is where my uncaged-cock mind would have me go. Would I be happier with such thoughts? Would you?


2 Responses to The Draw of Chastity pt 3

  1. C-Marie says:

    I must give you a huge dose of admiration in the ways you’ve chosen to flow through your marriage. It is obvious how much it means to you and how serious the joint adventure is. If only more people understood and realized it. Chasity may not be for everyone but the more I read and the more I feel what you’re accomplishing within yourself, the more I understand it.
    The answer to your closing question is already in your entry.

    *standing ovation for you*

  2. Digger Jones says:

    Thanks, Marie! I’m wondering how long I can keep up the chastity talk, but am glad *someone* is reading it and getting a clearer picture.


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