Got chastity? – Pt 2



Day 2

Last night, I was up almost every hour, on the hour. I quickly fell back to sleep, but I could tell Arwyn was getting annoyed with it no matter how quiet I tried to be. It generally takes several days to get aclimated where I’m not waking 4+ times a night. Since being up the night before, Arwyn probably had a good idea what was going on. Yesterday she was out all day with some girlfriends while I tookcare of the boys. She didn’t get back until after they were in bed and I was getting ready to turn in. We compared notes on the day. Just before going to sleep, we exchanged a goodnight kiss and she gave me a bit more of a hug than usual and it bordered on proper making out. Her touch lit me up and I was on fire! I think that was a bit part of my difficulty staying asleep.

Once I get hard in the cage it is exceedingly difficult to bring things down to a more managable level. Most of my evening was spent dreaming about driving buses, but I still got hard and woke up like clockwork. Early morning erections are not correlated with erotic thoughts in the slightest, probably have more to do with REM sleep.

And this is one of the draws of this kink. Basically I’m in a state of semi-arousal for much of the day and night. I might eventually be able to make it for a month but by the end of a week, I’m so ready to get out. My record is 15 days, which seemed like forever at the time.

Resentment is much less of a factor when I’m locked up by virtue of the fact that locking up is totally my choice. I decide how long at the outset, and am compelled to stick with it. This is different from having celibacy imposed upon me by Arwyn. It may seem like I’m splitting hairs, but the difference between me choosing and having it forced upon me is significant in how I deal with the circumstances. The circumstances are not all that different in either case, but my attitude is different.

One question that sometimes come up is; Why is a chastity device needed at all? Couldn’t a person just refrain from masturbating for however long?

It is true, I could (and often do) go days without jerking off without the aid of a device. But I don’t go a whole week. There is some degree of impulsivity involved in this, and the cage is a definite and major deterrant. I could get out if I really wanted to bad enough but not without some degree of trouble and bother. When the desire for release hits, it is liable to come in waves which come and go, and waiting it out often means that it is gone by the time you find the bolt cutters.

There are folks that do learn to go without orgasm, such as those practicing tantric sex. But that is with the cooperation and help of a partner. Enforced chastity works better with a cooperative partner, but there many who are single and don’t have partners at all. There are those like me, who have partners who are less than cooperative. It is still possible to practice chastity under these constraints. There are also those with virtual keyholders and long distance keyholders who manage to make it work.

As kinksters go, I’m not very far out at all. This is outside of conventional thinking and boundries, but other than having my cock locked and not touching myself and masturbation, I’m not a lot different than most other guys. I’m not into the feminization, the whips and chains or even cock and ball torture. I used to think CBT stood for Chastity Belt Training!

The makers of the CB3000 have never released their sales figures, but they are evidently selling many of these every month. It’s fair to say that the number who are wearing these in the U.S. alone number in the thousands. Do a google search on male chastity, or visit Altarboy’s site and you’ll encounter many different makes and models of chastity devices from cages and tubes to full belts. There are female wearers, but they make up less that 10% of the chastity belt wearing population. But female belts are exceedingly sexy, and I do get turned on by the idea of keyholding for one.



Day 3

Last night was MUCH better, sleepwise. I only remember waking up once during the night. I was really tired, but I’m getting more acclimated. I was playing with the timelock and discovered that it wouldn’t extend over my maximum. In otherwords, I can only extend to a maximum of one week. So tonight I’ll add another day or two. It’ll get harder to add days as I go along and get more desperate, so I’ll see how long I can go. I don’t know if I’ll be breaking any records this time around, but we’ll see.


One Response to Got chastity? – Pt 2

  1. Square1 says:

    I was going back through your last three posts. I’ve read them before but something kind of jumped out at me this morning on the “You Asked For It…” post. You said:

    ” Then I have trouble waking up in the morning. Needless to say, there is practically zero intimacy. That handjob a week ago was it. And that’s all there is going to be for awhile. ”

    I kind of thought about this for a while, and maybe I’m just thinking too much, but I had a few thoughts to share. I know when you’re not having sex with your partner and you really want to, it feels like intimacy is nil. But what I wanted to say, and I’m sure you know this already, but it’s easy to lose sight of… is that, there are a lot of sexually active people out there who are intimately void. Sex is kind of like emotions in this respect… it’s a thermometer to the thermostat of intimacy.

    Like I said I’m sure you already know that, but in my experience sometimes it helps to have someone remind us of the things we already know, because we can loe focus and forget.

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