You Asked For It…



Well, you asked for it, you got it. Actually, Satan was the only one clamouring for it, but it is why people come here. They come for the sex and stay for the drama. Except in this case, they come to read about not having sex. Or the sexiest nonsex in the blogospere.

Newcomers are scratching their heads, or at least the ones that haven’t bothered to go back and start at the beginning. How can not having sex be sexy?

Indeed, most of the time not having sex is a source of frustration and resentment. Now it’s just frustration without the resentment.

The past week or two, I’ve been engaging in the hideously bad habit of staying up well after midnight surfing and blogging. Arwyn goes to bed around 9:00 most nights, so I get in a good 3-4 hours of quality time on the computer. Then I have trouble waking up in the morning. Needless to say, there is practically zero intimacy. That handjob a week ago was it. And that’s all there is going to be for awhile.

This morning I woke up and felt a bit groggy from being up until about 1 a.m. or so. Arwyn was up and in the shower, so I brought myself to a nice orgasm. I did this by imagining Arwyn going through the drawers in the bathroom, getting out the cage and carrying it out of the bathroom, her wrapped in a towel.

“Here! You’ve been goofing off late at night long enough, mister! Put this on after you shower and make sure you let me lock it up before you leave for work!”

Yep, I get hard just thinking about it now. Of course, that isn’t what happened at all. I wanked, and after she left the area to get our oldest ready for school, I took my shower.

Immediately after an orgasm, the sexual energy of a guy diminishes to near zero. The passion meter plummets, along with the desire scale and the tenderness quotient. We’re happier and more relaxed, no doubt. But there is some vital sensual energy that flows riight on out. It takes a day or two to build it back up, and this is the time when we can turn into indifferent and uncaring assholes. Masturbation accomplishes that process even more efficiently as there isn’t the emotional bonding that happens when two become one.

So immediately after coming, I went into the shower and thought about the cage.

Why should I? What’s the use of that? She’ll never change. Why shouldn’t I take care of myself? I can always put it on later, maybe at the end of a weekend.

I have a collection of briefs (tighty whities plus assorted colors) and boxer briefs.

The boxers are what I wear when caged. When uncaged, I might still wear boxers, but will usually wear briefs. So right before taking a shower, I laid out a pair of boxers. I had cleaned and prepared the cage a couple days before.

I was still debating when I got out of the shower, and knew what I had to do. I lubed up, put the cage on and locked the lock before I knew what I was doing and before I could change my mind. There. Done. My cock is officially locked. I haven’t set the Timelock yet, but I’ll probably do at least a week with a possible 3-4 day extension. I’ll also open up the possiblity to Arwyn of extending the time if she wants. It would be nice if she participated in some way.

I know a bunch of you don’t get what the attraction to this kink is. Don’t worry. Relax. Welcome to a new round of a world of contradictions.


4 Responses to You Asked For It…

  1. Square1 says:

    I think you should go longer… 3-4 weeks, and stick to it even when Arwyn expresses that she wants to have sex. I think it would be a valid excuse during lock-up time to explore other avenues of giving HER the pleasure, and if she’s just not receptive to that? Her loss. TShe might view things a bit differently if suddenly you are the one that’s unavailable to her.

  2. Digger Jones says:

    Nice idea on paper, Square. Thing is, she has already gone over 2 months without asking for a thing and I have not pressured her for anything outside of the handjob. The fact that she doesn’t seem interested in her own pleasure is sauce for that goose. She hasn’t initiated on her own for…geez…a year?

    It’s like waiting for an anorexic to help herself to cheesecake.

    I do this more for me,and for the relationship, which is bigger than either of us.

    3-4 weeks? That’s going to take some working up to!


  3. Square1 says:

    aww but even the anorexic has splurge period for which they hate thmselves for, if I remember reading correctly. It might come down to working up to months in the cage, and not being available for those splurge periods. Dunno. Nothing is going to change until she admits that she has a problem, and wants to get help for it. The problem being that sex especially in the female psyche isn’t always seen as a necessity. I’m sure if I didn’t feel a physical desire at all, I’d not be interested in ever having sex. However, since my libido is very much in tact… :D. The truth of the matter is sexuality is a healthy part of an intimate relationship. It is not THE most impotant thing, but when it becomes lacking… it seems like it.

  4. ~ anne says:

    ok, i looked at a few of the links that were referred to in your post. i looked at the picture of the cage (i am embarrassed to admit what i thought it might look like). i must be more sheltered than i thought, i have never heard or seen such a thing. i know what chastity is but i had no idea that a man would revert to doing something like this.

    i am not sure i understand all this. is this painful pleasure for you? you mentioned in this post that you would like it if she participated… if she doesn’t participate, what enjoyment do you get out of it?

    i am not narrow minded, just naive i guess. i am one that doesn’t get the attraction to this kink.

    i will be looking through more of your past posts for additional information. i hope you will let us know how this works out.



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