I got my blood up and let it reign forth on Unsolicited Advice. I think I’ve finally found a niche for that blog beyond a repository for psychological knowledge. It’s where I’ll be spouting off and editorializing. This place, OTOH, is the story of my own life and playing out my own drama, such that it is. And an occasional blog review.

And right now, there isn’t that much action or drama to speak of. I have yet to ready the cage for my next lock-up adventure but you know it’s coming around. Without a keyholder it’s a little hard to get all excited about it. Whatever else, it does seem to move my story along.

Let’s talk briefly about another drama a lot of you are following; Return to Happiness. Chris is a guy who just recently got divorced. He still has his old blog Good Husband up somewhere where you can read all about the meltdown and demise of his marriage. The post-marriage story still has enough drama to keep a reader’s interest, plus Chris is a good writer all around. In the early days, he seemed a bit on the soft side, trying to be Mr. Nice Guy, and was frequently worked over by various critics. However, he has now recently gotten a bit edgier in his writing and isn’t afraid to stand up for himself. He’s still a nice guy, but he will take on the barbarian audience that is his readership if they get too snarky and judgmental. I think this is a positive development, because he is taking more ownership of his blog and his life where before he was overly sensitive to what others were saying to and about him. Having anal sex probably didn’t hurt his ego any, either.

Nice to know folks are enjoying the sleeping naked bit. I think you all should start some sort of society or nonprofit group and run PSA’s encouraging everyone to do it. Maybe get Focus on the Family or Le Leche to get on board and start a national movement. You think we could get the surgeon general to issue a warning branded on every set of flannel PJ’s? “WARNING: The surgeon General has determined that wearing this while sleeping with your spouse may be hazardous to your marriage.”

Imagine the google hits I’m going to get from “surgeon general, LeLeche and anal sex!”LOL!!!


8 Responses to 112363773389506294

  1. ~ anne says:

    now i know that i need to make time to read back.

    cage, keyholder? this made my eyebrows raise.


  2. Square1 says:

    I love the feel of fluffy jammies smetimes… to me when I wear pj’s it makes me feel all cuddly, and I love to hug and caress without the pressure of thinking it will all lead to sex. But there is something to be said for the intimacy that’s being promoted when you get naked with your spouse without the intention of sex too.

  3. Tajalude says:

    Wintertime hasn’t come around yet, and I’m doubtful Hubs can replace that snuggly feeling (that Square mentioned) that I get from my favorite pair of Detroit Lions fleece. Not a fan of the team, but definitely the PJ’s.

    Sleeping naked has not yet led us to sex even once… it’s just been a nice feeling.

  4. Anonymous says:

    This post has been removed by a blog administrator.

  5. Anonymous says:

    This post has been removed by a blog administrator.

  6. Digger Jones says:

    Fluffy jammies win over naked flesh?

    You could haved saved yourselves a lot of trouble by marrying chinchillas. I hear they are quiet and don’t eat much and are very fluffy, furry and soft.

    Stupid spammers…

    I wonder if that was Lucky’s new business?

    Yes, Anne, you need to go back to the first month and read about *The Cage*.

    You’ll be glad you did.


  7. Square1 says:

    Maybe the chinchillas would have been a bit more self sufficient too. Darn! Why didn’t anyone tell me this BEFORE I got married! :0P

  8. Chris says:

    hi Digger,

    Thanks for the nice comments. I’ll be honest, I’m getting a little tired of people telling me to ‘live for me’ and to ‘be selfish’ then harping on me for not following their advice. I’m not going to be dealing with that shit much longer.

    And yeah, the anal sex was a great moral boost.

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