It’s Something



Well, it’s something. And something is better than nothing.

Last night I stayed up late reading again, as well as posting the annversary update. Arwyn was laying down in her typical position. After midnight, I went to bed and flirted with the idea of getting myself off. But I was too tired and fell asleep naked.

Ed posted a recent article about sleeping naked. Most of his readers (or those commenting) seem to sleep naked. Not in this house. Arwyn has never been a naked sleeper. Ever. I can only think of one time she ever fell asleep in my arms while naked. Usually she’s off to the bathroom and then the clothes are put back on. I, OTOH, would have no problems sleeping naked every night. But I do wear my boxer briefs I suppose out of respect for Arwyn. It would take some time to get used to it and get over the horniness factor.

And so it was that Arwyn’s alarm went off before 6 a.m. and I was out of my mind with desire. So I commenced the initiation dance of me hugging, kissing and otherwise touching and trying to get Arwyn to touch me. It really wasn’t all that intense as I was still sleepy, myself. So it was very slow but also very deliberate over probably an hour’s time. Arwyn was probably getting frustrated with it, but I wasn’t overly concerned with that. I think 7 weeks is quite long enough.

I was gradually building a big head of steam. I could have come all over the place if I had wanted. Finally I asked her if she would use her hands. She told me to close the door and get a towel. So thats what I did.

She played with and around my balls for awhile which felt pretty good. She got on with stroking and within only a couple of minutes I was experiencing an intense climax. She stroked right on through it and lingered around for a few minutes. In some ways she sort of likes it, and her disposition actually improved as much as mine. Maybe moreso.

So there it is. For the months of July and August together, score one handjob. I suppose every hitting streak has to start somewhere. The fact that it was quick and painless will hopefully make her less reluctant in the future. Such a small gesture would at least indicate some willingness to compromise.


11 Responses to It’s Something

  1. DH says:

    Hey man…I’d be happy with a handjob myself.

    Take it and run with it my friends…I hope things turn around for both of us.

  2. Square1 says:

    Here’s hoping for better Digger. As a woman tha cookbook would have gone over lousy with me. I can’t imagine how it must have been as a working husband. Good grief! What was she thinking?

  3. ed says:

    That’s very sad that you’ve only slept naked together once.

    In our case we made a promise to each other at the beginning or our relationship that we would always sleep naked no matter what, and it’s stood us in good stead over the years.

  4. ~ anne says:

    thanks for being the first to post on my attempt at a blog! and thank you for the advice.

    i need to take some time and read yours so i can get some background on your situation.

    here’s hoping you are just beginning a major hitting streak!


  5. Digger Jones says:

    Dh, I *was* happy with the handjob! After 7 weeks, a stiff wind was making me smile.

    I have no idea what the deal was with the cookbook. she’s gotten me cooking stuff before but the “Busy Mom’s…” bit just rubbed me the wrong way. Hard to feel manly when you’re a busy mom.

    Yes, Ed, your promise to sleep naked totgether was a good one. I’ve decided in a future life or a future wife, that will be a cardinal rule.

    God luck readin me, Anne. I’m a bit long winded and a bit prolific. Which is why I have another blog to play around with to let folks catch up on this one!


  6. C-Marie says:

    No sleeping naked in this house! Being without a S/O for a significant amount of time in my life AND having the children, I have always put on my jammies to sleep in… now it’s pretty much a way of life for me. Not to say that I haven’t done it but I’ve never felt completely comfortable doing it.

  7. Tajalude says:

    I’m with Square, the cookbook thing would’ve gone over like a lead balloon. Digger, sometimes I read about things here on your blog and I sigh out loud. Today is one of those days.

    We’ve started sleeping naked as of last week. I highly recommend it, if/when/somehow you have/get a willing partner.

  8. Square1 says:

    We used to sleep naked. In fact… when we were first together neither of us ever closed the bathroom door. Now that we have children, sleeping naked has been nixed, and we do close the bathroom door, but it seems almost foriegn to do so… like some form of openess between us to just be ourselves has been lost permanently, sacrificed on the altar of parenthood.

  9. Dusty says:

    I’m delighted to finally find your blog again, Digger (T-man). Sorry to read that things aren’t much better, however. You’re a saint to tolerate your wife’s inattention. Maybe you’re not perfect either, but her consistent lack of consideration puts her over the top, in my opinion.

  10. Dewdrop says:

    I’ve never ever slept naked – well, I have tried to be I couldn’t sleep, (only lasted about 2 minutes). I’ve never ever slept naked with my husband, and really don’t see the attraction to it personally – I really wouldn’t want to. Pj’s are just so comfortable, warm and soft! I just don’t feel comfortable unless I’m dressed. Just a personal thing :).

  11. Kelly says:

    Damn, my apologies to you. I can’t imagine not having at least some type of sexual encounter with my man daily…

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