Satan: Back in Form



In the early days of Sensual Dementia I had an anonymous commentor who gave me some harsh albeit provoking comments. We needled each other and finally I dubbed her Satan whilst she dubbed me a condescending prick. Occasionally she really delivers the goods…

Satan said…

SO I guess the answer is – lower your standards and be more content . . ?

It’s not surprising that the happy heathens and even some Christians get confused about this entire concept. In Matthew 5, Jesus turned worldly and conventional wisdom on its head by blessing those who mourn, those poor in spirit, the meek, the peacemakers, those who hunger for righteousness, for being persecuted for righteousness sake, etc. Blessing those who curse you, loving your enemies; these are radical ideas that fly directly in the face of what everyone else in the world does and teaches.

Don’t expect happiness so then you aren’t resentful when you wake up and it’s been 9 years of NOT happiness.

The art of living authentically involves living within the confines of reality. The above statemnt by Satan is predicated in the belief that I’m going to find happiness when I get what I want. Is that true? Can I know 100% that it is true? How does it make me feel when I think that thought? Hint: it is not true that happiness is found in getting whatever you want. You’ll eventually lose respect for whoever is giving it to you and become a miserable, spoiled brat. Look around. I’ll bet everyone knows some children who fit that description.

I can leave my wife and my present circumstances, but the resentment and insecurities will go where I go. The sense of entitlement goes with me. What do I leave behind? A wife and two young children. Unless I can face these things down where I’m at, I will gain nothing. The lessons to be found are here in this place at this time. It’s not the fault of Arwyn or my circumstances or anyone or anything else if I fail to learn anything.

Ok, so it’s a choice between resentment and not happiness. Screw it, I’ll take resentment!

Is resentment a substitute for contentment? Contentment can be found anywhere or nowhere. In the 1980’s, Micheal Douglas played a character named Gordon Gecko opposite Charlie Sheen in Wallstreet. He gives a speech to some stockholders commonly known as “The Greed Creed.” “Greed, for lack of a better word, is good…Greed is right. Greed works. Greed for life, for money, for love, knowledge…” He makes a case that greed is responsible for the upward evolution of mankind and will eventually save his company and the U.S.A. Is that true? Look at the level of personal debt in this country. Greed breeds a neverending cycle of resentment where there is never any contentment. Ever. It’s what keeps the hamster spinning on his little wheel. Always running but never getting anywhere.

This certainly ties in with being ‘meek’. The meek accept whatever is given to them, they have no preconcieved notions, so they have nothing to be dissappointed about.

Living authentically, not repaying evil with evil and living righteously is what being meek is about. It is about finding contentment is God. The defining characteristics of the meek are patience, perseverence and faith. The defining characteristics of evil are impulsiveness, giving in to every change in the wind’s direction and suspicion. Which is stronger, impulsiveness of patience? Which is stronger, the leaf blown on the wind or the wind that blows it?

I can’t believe your God *really* tells you live that way . . . btw, how’s it working for ya?

God tells me that until I get my heart and priorities straight, absolutely nothing esle will improve. Once I get my heart and priorities straight, I won’t be as subject to the whims of circumstance. This is the Lie of Satan: change your circumstances and your life will be better. Turn on, tune in and drop out. If the going gets tough, get the fuck out. Life is too short. You have a right to be happy. Change your circumstances, and you’ll be happy.

The truth is, is that when you fight reality you are wrong. But only 100% of the time. Until a body can find contentment in ALL circumstances, there will be no improvement in disposition. Misery does not exist in where you are at or who you are with. It exist’s within. We suffer because we deny reality.

The question “How’s it working for you?” has become the most abused question in the blogosphere and has been twisted into an excuse for impulsiveness, capriciousness, resentment and malcontent. So much so, that it warrant’s its own post.

Keep on provoking, Satan! I need to think about these things and work them out. I think that by taking some of these irrational beliefs captive, new and productive ways of thinking can be achieved. And that seems to work best for me.


3 Responses to Satan: Back in Form

  1. Square1 says:

    To me it all comes back to personal responsibility. There is very little in this world that a single person can master or control besides themselves. Constantly trying to control or long for other circumstances only brings disappointment on a regular basis. It’s as I posted months ago… there is contentment… and there is complacency. One is an appreciation for what you have with aspirations and thriving hope of improvement… the other is devoid of hope or motivation.

    We control which we choose to be, despite our lack of control over circumstances and other people. Assering that control however… means facing things about ourselves that we don’t like instead of constantly blaming the person or circumstances that we are keen to attribute our malcontent to.

  2. Satan says:

    “The truth is, is that when you fight reality you are wrong.”

    I think you and I have completely different views on what ‘reality’ is!!! I *do* see you as fighting against reality!

    I do not believe in the right to happiness, I believe in the pursuit of it, but most importantly I believe in PROGRESS in the pursuit of it!

    When’s the next lock-up?

  3. Digger Jones says:

    Well said, Square. An environment that promotes and incubates despair exists pretty much inside of our own heads. Circumstances can help set a stage, but we dicide how we’re going to play the part.

    Satan, you *are* the princess of darkness!LOL! Coming quite soon, will be another, probably longer, period of lock-up.

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