Within Limits



I’m definitely in the zone today. There’s a certain point where frustration gets to be rather delicious. There are times when it is simply annoying and times when it even might get depressing. And then times like now that are electric.

Arwyn actually cooperated with this as we were able to spend a certain amount of time cuddling and snuggling this morning and I asked her if we could have some together adult time. She said she supposed. I asked her how she was feeling and she said that her hip and back were bothering her. I don’t want to do anything that would hurt her so if she wanted to use her hands that would be quite fine with me.

I also discovered a new feature on the Timelock program that could come in handy. There’s actually an “extend” button allowing extensions of an hour, 6 hours, one day, 1 week and 4 weeks.

The question came up as to whether Arwyn knows or even cares if and when I’m locked up. In the early days, I would put on the cage, walk up to her and she would lock the lock. When she was holding the keys she determined how long. Then when I started with the timelock, she would occasionally ask me how long. But most of the time, she would just know once I started getting up the wee hours of the morning. And if there is any doubt, I’ll just change my underwear when she’s around or jump in the shower while she’s still in the bathroom. Not a lot of doubt then and it does attract attention and she does look.

We’ve talked about it before, and she has said that she thought wearing the cage would be a good idea. But she has never ever really pressed it. She is generally lassaiz fare about it. When I tell her my reasons for wearing it, she thinks it’s a good thing. She is simply going to have a minimum of involvement in this. And this chastity business is a partial accomodation of that. The idea is that if sex is aversive I might be able to make it less so by removing the aversive aspects of it. In this case a lot of the time, effort and thought. Of course, time, effort and thought are the exact things that make sex between married couples fulfilling in the first place. The idea is to try to work towards that. The work of the cage increases the quality of my experiences either with Arwyn or without her. Having an enthusiastic and active partner is certainly a fantasy of mine but I need to work within whatever limits I have.


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