Day 2

July 26, 2005



Day 2

Well, maybe some people are

Last night started okay, with me doing some serious spooning & her wiggling her butt about teasing. But Arwyn ended up leaving and sleeping on the couch in a huff. I fell asleep on my back which resulted in some pretty loud snoring. What can I say? I was tired from making a birthday carrot cake from scratch and marinating bourbon chicken for dinner the next night and cleaning and doing dishes. I fell asleep snoring. So sue me.

However, with me being up and down a couple or 3 times during the night, it might have been okay. In anycase it was okay this morning as I was able to make breakfast, feed the one boy who was up, did the dishes, took out the trash all before leaving for work.

According to the Timelock, I’m due out sometime Friday. I’ll probably stay out the weekend, since I have a physical on Monday. Then we’ll have to play it by ear.

Square1 suggested staying locked up for an extended time until her desire came around and then finding some way to make it all about her satisfaction. I would do this, but the Timelock has a maximum of 5 weeks, 6 days and 23 hours. It’s been 6 weeks since we did anything sexual and she wasn’t all that interested, then.

However, the idea isn’t without some merit in that an improved emotional climate might actually bring her around emotionally and mentally. I’m not opposed to going for and setting new personal lock-up records. I think my personal best was 16 days done last year some time. At least it would give me something extra to write about.

Wearing the CB3000 at work is not a huge deal. I wear loose fitting khakis to work but even tighter pants aren’t a huge deal. No one spends much time looking at a guy’s crotch. Once, a young lady did point out that I had my zipper down. That was kind of embarassing, but maybe the cage made me look like I was really packing which attracted her attention. I dunno. But I spend most of my working day not even thinking about it. At least until I have to pee. Then I have to sit down which suits the women who live and work around me just fine, I’m sure. It does serve as an inescapable reminder. A potentially hot one if I had a real keyholder.

When on the job, even working around attractive women I don’t usual feel a lot of arousal. Off work, is a different story. Last night while cuddling Arwyn, she was watching some HGTV show. When a commercial came on, she switched over to one of those E! shows, showing women in bikinis and thongs. That wouldn’t have done a lot for me except I was already spooning her and straining the cage. The images on TV were just sauce for the goose.

While cuddling, hugging, spooning and generally holding Arwyn causes me to get erect, enough endorphins are in my system while just being physically loving with her that it is not that painful. It’s when she or I have to walk away that I really feel the pinching, pulling and discomfort. Just thinking about it can get me going. I’ll have to share more later.