July 25, 2005



Told you things would get interesting, once we got into cage mode. I’m sure Satan isn’t the only one who favors that part of the story line.

Yesterday, I was fine with being locked up. I don’t think Arwyn had any idea but by morning I’m sure she knew. Foolish habits die hard, and I did stay up until nearly midnight reading y’all’s blogs. Usually, the first night goes fairly easy with maybe one wake-up erection. However last night it was not. I was awakened at 3, 4 and 5 with some pretty tough wood. Most guys have absolutely no idea that their little scamp is up and down throughout the night until they wake up with their morning wood. I suspect this is linked somehow to REM sleep, where a guy is so deep in, he has no idea he is getting hard. And the erections get harder and more persistent as the night wears on until that 5 a.m. express comes in and it takes a good 30 minutes to calm things down. The earlier times, I just get up, pee, get something to drink and am ready to sleep another hour or so. It’s not that big a deal.

I’m sure Arwyn knew by the time I woke up for two reasons. First, she’s a light sleeper and when I’m locked up it is the only time I am up and down like that. Normally, I sleep like a rock all night long. Also, I snuggled up to her a little extra intimately this morning after we were both up and she let my hands get a little friskier than normal. When I’m locked up, that’s the only time she loosens up that much. She still flinches if I kiss her too much, but is generally more accepting of my touches.

The key question most people have about being locked up is “What do I get out of it?” I lose sleep, I have to pee sitting down, risk embarrassment, and my mind is being bent. These are all aspects leading to a higher sensory state of being for me. Keep in mind that my sensory threshold tends to be quite broad and quite high. It takes quite a lot to satiate me. Wearing the cage brings that threshold down significantly. Not as low as Arwyn’s, but into a range where I can get more enjoyment from less. Touching her in any way becomes more positive and more powerful. After a few days, just the sound of her voice can give me more enjoyment as opposed to the annoyance it usually provokes in me. I do have anger control issues and being caged makes me less prone to be a prick and softens me up over time.

Arwyn gets an environment that is a lot less tension-filled, definitely more affectionate and more loving. While she doesn’t always respond the way I’d like, she does respond somewhat to the improved atmosphere. For the duration of my lock-up, she absolutely knows that my advances and touches are NOT going to lead to any sex, at least for me in the conventional sense. No matter how much we kiss, cuddle, hug or otherwise touch I’m not getting out of the cage. I also benefit because I have the same reassurance. I don’t have to wonder “Will she or won’t she?” It ain’t happening no matter what! And we BOTH know it for certain.

Since Arwyn isn’t holding the keys, there’s no pressure on her at all. She doesn’t feel pressured to release me and she can’t so she has no reason to feel manipulated. And I have no reason to manipulate.

I know there are folks who will absolutely not get this. It is a foreign way of thinking, having a considerable amount in common with Tantric practices. Enforced chastity is a good and handy way to wring out resentment and heighten feelings, sensations and thoughts in a much more positive direction. If some additional teasing were added to the denial you’d really be in for a radical transformation. As it is, this is a gradual incline to higher planes. I’m sure I’ll spend time on this in the forthcoming days as it comes to dominate my free thoughts more and more.