Game On



Okay, the game is ON! You are now reading words written by a guy with his cock locked up in a cage. No, Arwyn is not holding the key and she may or may not know. I locked up this morning before church, before I lost my nerve.

There’s always some hesitation before clicking the lock. What if I have an accident? What if I die? Would I be buried with it on?. What if I have to go somewhere where there are metal detectors?

The latter did happen once when I was going to pick up a copy of of my youngest son’s birth certificate last summer. This must have been two summers ago. I was on my merry way and almost went in when I stopped myself dead in my tracks. I saw the metal detectors and realized my predicament at the same time. Arwyn was holding my keys at the time and did leave them out for me the very next day. Significant embarassment was avoided.

There is always the strong temptation to go for one last orgasm right before locking up. The problem with that is that if I do that, I’ll give up on locking up altogether. The drive towards wearing the cage seems to disappear right afterwards. This does follow all of the chastity device literature which says that a guy will lose most of his desire to please right afterwards for at least a day or so.

Arwyn’s birthday is on Tuesday and I’m pretty clueless. I can make breakfast, do dishes and make her a cake, do other cooking and chores. But other than that, I’m sort of out of luck. Maybe I should have locked up sooner! While it does inspire stronger feelings for her, I’m afraid it doesn’t do much for creativity. Such a gift is supposed to reflect thoughtfulness. It’s going to be exceedingly difficult to buy anything too thoughful with our budget under severe stress.

No, no sex for the last 5 weeks. I’ve pretty much accepted her condition of sexual anorexia. This diagnosis fits all too well.

I set the Timelock for 1 week and had set it on Friday so it will involve 5 nights of intensity. Part of the reason for this move is also the fact that the blog has gotten stale and the chastity aspect of the storyline needed some development. Those of you new to this whole business will get a chance to witness some of the mind bending aspects first-hand.

I do have a couple of articles posted up on Unsolicited Advice on the subject of sexual anorexia that you might find interesting.


7 Responses to Game On

  1. Lucky Me says:

    Locked up again!? I can’t believe your wife doesn’t find that arousing. Crazy.

  2. Dewdrop says:

    I can hazzard a guess (?) that she wouldn’t be too bothered at all. To be honest.

  3. Rob says:

    Does the lockup really do anything longterm for you or for her? I suspect for you it might be a short term benefit but I’ve never really followed this topic in your blog. Just curious…

  4. aphron says:

    Who’s being punished? Arwyn already seems to not to want to have sex with you. By making it permanent, that relieves her of any…er…”obligation” she may/may not have.

    I’m not sure how this will play out. It may be time to demand professional help?

  5. Satan says:

    I *love* this part. 😉

  6. Tajalude says:

    Digger, believe it or not, Hubs & I have actually had some conversations about him trying something out in this aspect. Not sure that he would go so far as to wear the “cage”, but something along those lines. I’ll keep you posted if things materialize!!!

  7. Square1 says:

    I wonder how this self-imposed chastity would work out if you were to commit to a time period on it… say a few weeks… and stick to it regardless of Arwyn’s desire for sex. Perhaps when she wants it, that would give you a means of finding alternative methods to focus on her pleasure so that sex becomes all about her, and not about you. I wonder if that would open her up to it or not. Just a thought.

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