Review: Desperate Husband

July 13, 2005

In my blog reviews, I usually write how often a writer updates their blog. I suppose I could also tell how often they have sex, since that is often a major part of why people check them out. For instance Square1 ranges averages 1-2x per week but sometimes gets in more or sometimes less. Dewdrop, despite not really liking sex still gives in around 1x per week. C-Marie would like it every other day, but only manages 2x a week if she’s lucky.

Jay used to be up to at least once a day. Now he is down to 1-2x a week if he’s lucky. Rod was getting in 5+ times per month before pulling it all down.

So now we come to Desperate Husband. DH hase been posting for a few months and I still feel like I am getting to know him and his story more every day. The more he tells the more it seems that maybe I know the story too well.

In fact, his is a story of the search for intimacy with his wife, much like some other folks we know. It’s this story line that earns him his place on my blogroll. His writing comes off as more charming than mine for some reason, though. At least it is more charming to me and he does have a fairly wide readership. I think part of it is that he’s not quite as condescending as I am and doesn’t seem to go to as much trouble to alienate people.

He’s having sex 1-3x a month, which is still more than me but not as much as the folks listed ahead of him on the blogroll. For this style of writing, not having sex becomes as much of a drama as having sex does on a regular sex blog. We can read the exploits of Ed, Bliatz, Housewyfe and others who are getting laid on a regular basis and read how hot it is and how they want more of it and it gets us horny and worked up.

This is not why people read DH. I read him because he relates his struggle so well. It’s like being right there as he is trying to raise the Titanic or trying to scale Everest or something. It is the ever-suspenseful drama that draws in a much more sophisticated audience. It also requires more sophisticated writing, a skill DH possesses.

From a reader/fan standpoint, I’d like to see his story kick into a higher gear at some point, with him updating more frequently with reports from the “front lines”, so to speak. But I should say that while a crisis does wonders for readership, it is highly overrated for the person going through it!LOL! Of course, there’s not much he can do about it if life and wife are not providing the material. He just has to continue to make involuntary celibacy something that’s exciting to read about!